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BOHS Structure

BOHS structure


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General Structure

BOHS is incorporated as a limited liability Royal Charter company registered with The Privy Council and Companies House. It is also a registered charity with the Charities Commission.

The Society is governed by its members through a board of directors, known as the Council, and the Faculty Board, which reports to Council through its Registrar. It also has a range of committees, chaired by members and with input from other volunteers and staff.  These committees, alongside a team of regional organisers and volunteers from BOHS membership, provide technical, strategic and project-by-project input to the Society’s various initiatives and on-going activities.

Head Office

BOHS Head Office is led by our Chief Executive who is directly accountable to Council, with a senior management team responsible for: qualifications and training; member services; conferences; research; international services; communications and marketing; operations and finance.

Senior Management Team


Chief Executive: Steve Perkins

Steve is a seasoned business and third sector leader, with twenty years' experience working with professionals, scientists and volunteers.  Steve joined BOHS as CEO in 2009: as CEO he provides clear leadership, strategic direction, and heads up the BOHS Senior Management Team.

Steve began his career in the aerospace sector in 1987, at Rolls-Royce plc, working in research, IT and then business improvement. In 2002 he moved into the non-profit sector, taking up roles in management, leadership and company direction. He holds a masters in Physics from Oxford University; a Diploma in Theological Studies; a Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors; and is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Originally from a scientific and pastoral background, he is passionate about bringing positive change for commercial and societal benefit, whilst developing and releasing new leaders. See LinkedIn for more details www.linkedin.com/pub/steve-perkins/26/392/b2b


Head of Qualifications: Paul Johnson

Paul joined BOHS in March 2012. Widely experienced in the area of qualifications and awarding bodies, Paul previously held the position of Director of Quality for the National Open College Network (a charity and awarding body recognised by the qualifications regulators in the UK). Paul holds an MSc in Management, and is a member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors.

Sharon Brunt

Communications and Marketing Manager: Sharon Brunt

With nearly 20 years’ experience in marketing, encompassing a variety of marketing and communications activities – along with events management – Sharon has worked in both the public and private sectors, including Punch Taverns and Gartner.  In addition to a degree in European Business Studies, Sharon holds the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. Sharon joined BOHS in March 2012.


Head of Member Services: Shani Jackson

Shani joined BOHS in June 2015, and is highly experienced in many key business areas including: business management; people management; customer experience improvements. In addition to working for commercial organisations, she has also spent a number of years in the voluntary sector, including working in Malawi as an Organisation Development Advisor to a medical training college. With a BA in Social Sciences, Shani is currently studying for an MSc in Human Resources Management and Development. Having originally joined BOHS to lead the focus on business improvement projects within the Qualifications team, Shani is now Head of Member Services: her academic and professional background mean that she is also currently leading human resources strategy and policy for BOHS.

BOHS Council

The Council normally comprises six officers and six other ordinary members, all of whom are members of BOHS.  The six officers are: the President; the President-Elect; the Immediate Past President; the Honorary Secretary; the Honorary Treasurer; and the Registrar of the Faculty.

The President serves a term of one year, which runs from our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Annual Conference in April/May, through to the following year’s AGM, when he or she becomes Immediate Past President for the year. The election of the President-Elect takes place at the AGM.

The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Registrar are also elected on an annual basis, at the AGM, but can be re-elected indefinitely.

The ordinary Council members serve for a three year term, for a maximum of two consecutive terms, and these elections also take place at the AGM.

Council members: April 2016 - April 2017

President: Tracey Boyle
Immediate Past President: Adrian Hirst
President-Elect: Karen Bufton
Honorary Secretary: Alex Wilson
Honorary Treasurer: Neil Grace

Registrar of the Faculty: Neil Pickering

Ordinary Members of Council :

  • John Cocker
  • Douglas Collin
  • Kate Jones
  • Marian Malloy
  • Amanda Parker
  • Helen Pearson

Faculty of Occupational Hygiene

The Faculty of Occupational Hygiene is the professional arm of BOHS. Membership is restricted to BOHS members with specific qualifications in occupational hygiene and related subjects. All members of the Faculty are required to abide by its Code of Ethics. This has been developed to ensure that they act in such a way that the protection and preservation of worker health remains their paramount responsibility at all times, and to guide those who may be subject to contradictory pressures and enable them to act with integrity and objectivity. The Code of Ethics also provides a benchmark for clients, employers, other professionals and members of the general public to use where there is a question as to whether Faculty members have conducted themselves in an appropriate manner.

The Faculty Board consists of:

Registrar - Neil Pickering
Chief Examiner - Ian Kellie
Faculty Board Member - Martin Axon
Faculty Board Member - Carol Bladon
Faculty Board Member - Sarah Leeson
Faculty Board Member - Andrew Singleton
Faculty Board Member - Vacant

The role of the Faculty

As the examining board for the profession, the Faculty administers a suite of examinations and awards qualifications in occupational hygiene and allied subjects, and provides a qualifications’ verification service.

The Faculty also runs the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme, which is mandatory for all non-retired Faculty members.

It maintains a Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services, which is available online or in hard copy, and is free of charge. Please click here to visit the Directory.