Training Providers FAQs

Over the years, we have worked with professionals, like yourself, in occupational hygiene to create Faculties where relevant skills, knowledge and experience can be share in specialist areas.

BOHS will invoice for the number of candidates confirmed per invigilated sitting, irrespective of whether an online or written paper exam.

For Specialist Exams (P401, P403, P408) there is a minimum charge of two Candidates per sitting. 

For further details on exam fees, please click here. 

For CCHRC, P600, P900, P400 and the refresher courses, there is no minimum charge. 

The candidate will receive their results on their written/practical examination/s and reports via email. 

For all syllabuses or course specifications, please click here

Please Note: We will NOT provide a copy of the candidate’s examination paper or information about individual questions. 

If they have an enquiry about a result or require feedback please read the below:

The link above contains the 'Enquiry about an Exam Result' form to be completed by the candidate and sent back to We recommend they contact you with their feedback, to assist them with their revision and resit examination (if applicable).

Sufficient notice is required to cancel an exam. This applies to both paper and online.

More than 5 days’ notice - No charge 

Less than 5 days’ notice - Cancellation fee applies, please contact for details.

BOHS always provides spare exam papers within the exam packs in cases of emergency such as a potential late candidate booking. Your location will determine how many extra papers are included.  

UK - 2 spare papers 

International - 5 extra papers 

Extra time may be granted for a variety of reasons e.g. non-English speaking candidates, typing constraints, medical condition or learning disability (e.g. dyslexia) that can affect their examination performance.

The Training Provider will need to contact

Please note:

  • If the adjustment is for an extra invigilator which is provided by BOHS, you will be charged for this cost.
  • Evidence of a learning disability/medical condition is required to assess necessary adjustments - evidence usually consists of a medical report/letter from the candidate's GP outlining the condition and what requirements are needed.
  • BOHS need to be informed at least 7 working days before the exam.  If eligible, the extra time will be added to the candidate's exam.


If a candidate informs you of a medical condition that requires them to sit in a separate room, you will need to contact your Customer Support Officer. Evidence is necessary to evaluate and advise on the reasonable adjustments we can make. 

Please Note: 

If a second room is required, a secondary invigilator will be needed, and we will charge you for the additional invigilator. 

Evidence* of a learning disability/medical condition is required to assess necessary adjustments. 

*Please read our Reasonable Adjustment Policy for further information. You can access it here.

For example P903, P904, P602, P603, and P604.

Please ask the candidate to provide a copy of their certificate. If the candidate is unable to provide a copy or you are unsure of the validity of their certificate, please contact for confirmation before accepting them on to the course. 

Resit candidates can retake any exam, which you are approved to teach, alongside other candidates. 

Please Note: If you are NOT approved to teach the exam requested, please contact your Customer Support Officer at

If the delegate is re-sitting a different exam, please refer to your Calibrand user guide.

Your Calibrand user guide will have been sent to you via email.

If you cannot find your Calibrand user guide or require any support, please contact your Customer Support Officer at


Please email the written practicals / formative assessments electronically within 3 business days to 

Invigilators should be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the start time. 

If the invigilator is not present, please contact the qualifications team on 01332 250700. 

If we have been notified, we will call the training provider immediately. 

If alternate arrangements cannot be made, another examination date must be agreed by all parties. 

The charge for this exam will be carried over to the new date.   BOHS are not liable for any costs incurred.

Each candidate is required to provide proof of ID on the examination day.  As a training provider, you are responsible for ensuring candidates have been vetted correctly prior to the examination day.

The invigilator will need to ask the candidate to show their photo ID to verify their details as per the Candidate Information Sitting Summary.  The name on the ID must be the registered name of the person taking the exam.

They have 12 months in which to complete their qualification.

Within the 12 months they can resit the exam as many times as necessary.

After the 12 months, if they have still not passed the exam, they will need to complete the course and subsequent exams again.