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Membership of BOHS is open to both professional Occupational Hygienists and to those with an interest in worker health protection and a healthier work environment. Membership provides a wide range of benefits including professional development opportunities and discount offers.

We have a diverse membership profile, including, occupational hygienists, occupational health nurses, occupational physicians, health and safety advisors, environmental scientists, epidemiologists, toxicologists, ergonomists, acousticians, physicists, chemists, biologists,psychologists and engineers.

There are many advantages to joining BOHS. Becoming a member offers the opportunity to increase knowledge, improve skills and enhance professional competence, as well as supporting BOHS' efforts in raising the awareness of worker health protection.

Member Benefits

Networking Opportunities

We provide an exciting and varied schedule of events throughout the UK.

These events are a great way of networking, increasing your knowledge and developing your career.

BOHS members receive discounted delegate rates to all of our events as well as being able to access our free regional meetings.

Member Publications

All members receive a monthly update from BOHS and the world of OH through our e-bulletins and Exposure magazine containing the latest updates on The Society and the profession.

Members also receive a free subscription to the scientific journal 'Annals of Work Exposures and Health', worth over £1000 per year.

Professional Recognition and Development

Membership of one of our Faculties allows you to use our post-nominal letters as well as giving you access to the continuing professional development (CPD) scheme.

Check out the our CPD scheme below

BOHS Mentoring Program

Whether you are an emerging professional seeking to develop your skills in occupational hygiene, looking to graduate through the BOHS membership ranks or are a seasoned, long-standing BOHS member looking to give back to the profession, the mentoring program is available to all membership levels.

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