FOH Licentiate

This grade of membership is open to those who hold the Certificate of Operational Competence in Occupational Hygiene or the international version of the qualification. It demonstrates you have relevant skills and knowledge, you are committed towards CPD, our Code of Ethics, and your development, and ensures you remain relevant and employable.

As a Licentiate member you’ll be able to use the LFOH post-nominals and access all the membership benefits and resources.

Why join?

Joining as a Licentiate member gives you immediate access to our resources, and demonstrates your support of BOHS’s work to raise awareness of worker health protection. 

Benefits of Membership

Being a Licentiate Member of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene provides you with access to a wide variety of regional meetings on a range of topics. You will continue to expand your network of professionals to build and exchange expertise and knowledge while taking advantage of our discounted rates at BOHS events, including our annual Occupational Hygiene conference.   

To support your career progression, BOHS is offering you full access to the Annals of Work Exposures and Health, our peer-reviewed scientific journal usually worth over £1000, as part of your membership. This includes the full archive and 20% discount on any public health and epidemiology titles published by OUP. Technical publications and advice will be at your disposal, including BOHS’ professional magazine ‘Exposure‘.

Each year we also offer you access to our Home Office Group Licence for the current version of MDHS 25 and have the opportunity to apply to appear in the Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services. 

All Licentiate members are authorised to use the following post-nominal: LFOH. 

Retired Membership

If you are retired (full time) and an existing Licentiate member you might be eligible for Retired Licentiate Grade. Retired membership means you no longer have to complete CPD, can use the post-nominal letters LFOH (Ret) and still have access to membership benefits at a reduced cost. Contact the membership team for more information.  



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