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To order a replacement certificate, please complete our online form. 

Please Note: There will be a charge for a replacement certificate. 

Unfortunately, no. 

To maintain the security of our exam questions, BOHS does not return completed exam papers to candidates or provide detailed information about low scoring answers.  

Performance feedback for your exam or assessment can be requested, please read the below:

Within the 'Enquiry about Exam Result' feedback outcome, we provide the marks you obtained against the available marks, broken down by Syllabus area.  This should enable you to focus your revision if a re-sit is required. 

If you have an enquiry about a result or require further feedback please read the below:

For all syllabuses or course specifications, please click here

Please Note: We will NOT provide a copy of the candidate’s examination paper or information about individual questions. 

You have 12 months to complete your qualification.  Re-sits will need to be completed within this period.

Within the 12 months you can re-sit the exam as many times as necessary.

After the 12 months, if you have still not passed the exam, you will need to complete the course and subsequent exams again.

You can re-sit an examination irrespective if you have sat a paper exam or an online exam with any BOHS approved training provider. 

You will need to contact the training provider and book a slot on one of their future training course dates.

HSE guidelines recommend some form of refresher should be given, as necessary, to help ensure knowledge of asbestos awareness is maintained. BOHS have a refresher course for the P402, P404 and P405 with other IP refreshers in development. 

To see which training providers offer this course and dates available please click here.

BOHS provides International Proficiency modules in Asbestos (IP402, IP403, IP404 and IP405) and offers IP601 in LEV. Face to face courses are available predominantly in New Zealand and Australia, however, they can also be taken in the UK with selected BOHS approved training providers.  They are available as eLearning courses with an online exam internationally.

For course availability, please click here. 

International occupational hygiene modules are also available to occupational hygienists in certain countries abroad. 

For further information on the international occupational hygiene modules, please click here. 

Yes. Electronic submission of reports is preferred. However, BOHS does accept reports in paper format as well. 

For submission guidance in LEV qualifications, please click here. 

For submission guidance for Legionella qualifications, please click here. 

Results can take from 4-6 weeks before receipt. We aim to have online papers marked within 15 business days (excluding Bank holidays and office closures). We allow 21 business days (excluding Bank holidays and office closures) for written paper examinations to account for posting and receipt following the sitting. Please allow a further two weeks for Specialist exams P401, P403 and P408.

Results and Award Confirmation are emailed directly to the candidate's chosen email address supplied by the candidate on their Candidate Information form.

Certificates are posted to the address supplied by the candidate on their Candidate Information form and are posted 1st class Royal Mail on the Thursday of the week following marking. Please allow a further week for your result to arrive in the postal process.

If you have not received your results in six weeks please contact

If you have a learning disability or medical condition; notify your training provider as soon as possible, to allow them time to discuss and implement any adjustments you may need while on the course and; tell BOHS as quickly as possible, to ensure evidence can be obtained and measure put in place in time for your examination. 

To fully assess your needs, we may need to contact you. 

We will advise the training provider of the outcome of the assessment.  

Please Note: Evidence* of a learning disability/medical condition is required to assess necessary adjustments. 

*Please read our Reasonable Adjustment Policy for further information. You can access it here.

BOHS is an examining body. We cannot advise or recommend an asbestos surveyor. 

However, BOHS has a Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services. 

For an up-to-date list of BOHS fees please click here.   

You have 12 months from your course start date to pass the exam. 

Within the 12 months, you can re-sit the exam as many times as necessary. 

After the 12 months, if you have still not passed the exam, you will need to complete the course and subsequent exams again. 

For the BOHS privacy policy, please click here. 

Each unit certificate has a unique number designated to the candidate. 

Please do NOT share your unique certificate number or candidate ID with other parties. 


All BOHS certificates are sent to the candidate directly.   We do not provide copies of certificates unless requested by the candidate.

With your written consent and date of birth, yes.   Please email your request to

Step One – Contact your training provider and follow their complaints procedure. 

Step Two – If the issue is still unresolved, please email your complaint to