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Exam preparation

How to prepare for exams depends on an individual circumstances and not all advice will fit everyone. We think some hints and tips may be useful and found an Open University course which works alongside our own BOHS guide. It could help candidates ensure they are better prepared for assessment.

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Preparing Candidates for Proficiency Module Examinations

All of the BOHS level 4 and 5 Proficiency Modules are examined by short answer questions to confirm the candidate’s learning. These questions are based on the teaching specification and require brief answers.

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Online exams with BOHS

BOHS exams have traditionally been paper-based, however, we have collaborated with Eva exams to deliver online exams in response to the Covid19 lockdown. The response has been amazing, Candidates were able to continue their studies and training providers offering adapted virtual classrooms.

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Eva case study

Dr Helena Lim was commissioned by Evaexam to conduct a case study on the BOHS experience with the sudden move to an online business model.

The case study showcases our approach to partnership working, how Eva supported a new customer, how quickly we were able to respond, deploy and train and the features and benefits that EvaExam can bring particularly in an online context.

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BOHS Mini Test

Wondering what the new exam looks like, why not take our BOHS mini test?

You can see how the BOHS exams look, the navigation and the style of question formats we use. You will also be able to learn some BOHS facts and trivia while you are doing it.

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Ofqual Regulation 2021

BOHS is the leading awarding body in the hygiene qualifications field. Our qualifications are recognised and respected by independent agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and further afield by industry and employers worldwide. BOHS is motivated to support learning, qualification and professional development to broaden and deepen the public, sectoral, governmental and professional understanding of occupational hygiene

  • • BOHS qualification standards stand at the heart of the promotion and development of professional standards
  • • BOHS qualifications will be aligned with international standards of educational governance, academic infrastructure and quality

To continue that professionalism and ensure greater transparency, we have taken the decision to become a regulated awarding body. Learners, training providers, employers and the public have confidence in qualifications that Ofqual regulate – they are the national government-appointed regulator of work-based qualifications.

Resources for teachers and tutors

Moving online

Learn how to take your teaching out of the classroom and online with some great tips from the Open University.

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Top tips

Harvard University has published some handy tips for ensuring best practice and learning is occurring with your candidates.

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Download our guide on how to prepare your candidates for examinations.

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Adapting to the virtual classroom

We have worked closely with a lot of our customers and some of them have offered to share their stories. If you to have a story you’d like to share on how you have adapted to ensuring excellence in training and learning please contact us at qualifications@bohs.org

Fibresafe – Adapting to teaching online

One of the first providers on a virtual call to give an excellent demonstration of their materials to the Chief Examiner and Head of Qualifications at BOHS. Thanks to Don and his team for sharing their story to help others adapt and learn.

Watch some of Fibersafe's videos below…

Gully Howard Technical:
adapting to teaching online

Gully Howard Technical are expert industrial training providers. We offer a wide range of courses covering topics such as: Asbestos, Energy, Occupational Hygiene, Safety, Surveying and more.

We provide courses throughout the UK and worldwide, with courses delivered in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.

Kirsty and the team adapted very quickly and were soon running courses during lockdown to their overseas clients. They have adapted their classroom and invested in equipment to make the changes necessary.

Watch their video here how they approached the changes.

IOM world

“Our purpose is to improve people’s health and safety at work, at home and in the environment through excellent independent science to create a healthy and sustainable world”. We have been at the forefront of scientific research to understand and mitigate a range of occupational and environmental health risks. These include coal dust, asbestos, carbon nanotubes and air pollution.

When asked, they were delighted to share their video as an example of a training resource. Thank you for your permission Lindsey Mitchell, Training Services Manager, Edinburgh.


BOHS interviewed Adrian at the start of lockdown to see how that went - watch Managing director, Adrian Sims. Keen to drive up standards across the industry, Adrian regularly lectures on BOHS courses and is a member of the ILEVE steering committee. He has been heavily involved in developing ILEVE including chairing the industry-wide competency committee.



Training provider Oxyl8 has provided this handy guide to creating an online presentation.

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On-demand webinars

Some of our conference speakers, BOHS collaborators and partner organisations have created a range of webinars you can watch on-demand.

Neil Pickering – Breathe Freely Campaign

Colette Willoughby – The D-Suite Client and Duty Holder Training and Qualifications

Kevin Bampton – Introduction to BOHS

Len Morris - BOHS Professional Membership

Dave Rogers – Obtaining Competent Occupational Hygiene Services

John Lyons – Certificate of Competence, Giving your Clients the Right Message

Alex Wilson & Kevin Bampton – Discuss Return to Work

Skills Cards - Do you need access to a construction site?

Surveyor and Analyst Skill Cards are available through the first collaboration of its kind for Asbestos professionals. ACAD, BOHS, FAAM (Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management) and NORAC (National Organisation of Asbestos Consultants) have formed a collaboration to deliver a new skills certification card, displaying the CSCS logo, to Asbestos professionals.

If you are new to the industry without a qualification then the red Trainee Worker ACAD Skill Card is the one to begin with. Duration time of 12 months, you must obtain your relevant qualification otherwise there will be no replacement card available.

Once you are qualified with the appropriate qualification then you can apply for the renewable ACAD Skill Card. These can be renewed every five years.

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New developments

D413 Asbestos Management Practicalities & Awareness

There are a number of exciting new developments ready to launch soon. BOHS is in the process of launching our online version of a BOHS course. This is to enable learning to take place in our new learning zone at the pace that suits a candidate. Here is an example of the syllabus. If you are interested in taking the course, please enquire at qualifications@bohs.org

There are many different elements that can be associated with asbestos management within any organisation, which often involve many people who fulfil multiple roles. Often these roles may not be considered as being directly associated with asbestos and its management.

General asbestos awareness training is invaluable in providing a broad knowledge of the risks associated with asbestos and how to identify asbestos-containing material in situ. However, this type of training does not provide details about the practical working methods and processes that may be necessary for managing asbestos risks.

The D413 Asbestos Management, Practicalities and Awareness course has been specifically designed for those who may be involved in asbestos processes through the course of their work. For example, this may include Estates and Project Managers, Facilities Managers, Caretakers and the like. These roles will be involved in a whole host of different activities; however, will still retain responsibility for ensuring asbestos risks have been assessed and removed/managed before allowing works to proceed.

The D413 is an on-line modular course which provides information and examples of how the legal requirements associated with asbestos management can be translated into practical actions. It is designed to develop an awareness of real-life problems involved in managing asbestos and how to resolve them. The qualification is for anyone who may have some level of responsibility for managing asbestos risk. The course duration is estimated to be up to 2 days in length but can be taken at the candidates own pace.

The learning objectives for the D413 are for candidates to:

  • Develop an awareness of the problems involved in managing asbestos
  • Identify mechanisms to deal with these problems
  • Develop an understanding of roles & responsibilities regarding asbestos
  • Identify the key asbestos management requirements for all organisations
  • Develop their knowledge of the implications of failing to manage asbestos
  • Develop their knowledge of the requirements for working with asbestos
  • Be able to apply the information gained to their own organisation

The syllabus for the D413 is made up of 6 different sections which include the following areas:

  • Legislation and Guidance Documents
  • The Asbestos Management Plan
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s)
  • The Asbestos Register
  • Working with Asbestos Containing Materials
  • Controlling all Work

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A review and update is taking place of the certificate in controlling health risks in construction. We are working in a more modular approach to give organisations the flexibility to manage the time and limited resources they have in a more focussed way. We are engaging with our partners and stakeholders to ensure the vast amount of content we have is applied to the appropriate part of the working environment.

For Supervisors

This course has been designed to provide training for construction site supervisors, so they can better recognise and control the health risks specific to their workplace, by:​ ​

  • Identifying the most commonly present health hazards found on construction sites​
  • Understanding the principles of risk control​
  • Identify the measures needed to control common health risks from construction activities​

Interns 2020

Watch videos by our 2020 interns on their experience with BOHS and what the have achieved so far.

Event management intern experience 2020

IT intern tutorial - Using Microsoft Planner and ToDo