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If you have a query or need help with anything further, please contact a member of our Qualifications team.

How to choose a BOHS qualification

BOHS provides a range of different types and levels of qualifications in these subject areas:

Please click on any of the above subject areas to view the complete range of individual qualifications for each subject.

The qualifications available within the above subject areas are:

  • UK Proficiency qualifications: for those working in a specialist area at a practical level. The qualification codes start with a 'P'. We also offer one day Refresher courses for some qualifications, which start with 'RP'.
  • International Proficiency qualifications: These qualifications are based on BOHS UK Proficiency qualifications, but with reference to legislation from different countries. The qualification codes start with 'IP'
  • International Occupational Hygiene qualifications: for those working as professional hygienists. The qualification codes start with with a 'W' . These Qualifications form part of the OHTA international training scheme and qualifications framework. Please click here for more information about the OHTA 

Professional qualifications:

  • Certificate of Operational Competence in Occupational Hygiene: The qualification required to join the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene as a Licentiate, and demonstrates knowledge and competence in the broad principles and practice of occupational hygiene.
  • International Certificate in Occupational Hygiene: The qualification required to join the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene as a Licentiate, and demonstrates knowledge and competence in the broad principles and practice of occupational hygiene.
  • Diploma of Professional Competence in Occupational Hygiene: The highest professional occupational hygiene qualification awarded in the UK. Award of the Diploma qualifies the holder to become a Chartered Member of the Faculty, and demonstrates knowledge of, and competence in, assessment of health hazards and the extent of risk in various workplace circumstances, and an ability to advise on suitable control procedures.

For an overview of the qualifications we offer, please download a copy of our Qualifications Guide below.

How to study for a BOHS qualification

Proficiency and Occupational Hygiene courses

Courses leading to Proficiency (P code) or Occupational Hygiene (W code) qualifications are run by BOHS Approved Training Providers (ATPs), in both the UK and overseas. ATPs have their own scale of fees for the training course: in addition to the course fee, the ATP will also charge the fee for the BOHS exam.

At the end of each training course, the BOHS examination will take place. 

To find and book onto a training coures, please go to the Course search facility page.

Please contact your chosen Training Provider to obtain details of course and exam fees, and to book your place on a course.

BOHS Professional qualifications

Please click on the links below for full details of BOHS professional qualifications:

Exam fees

BOHS Exam fees for Proficiency and occupational hygiene qualifications are charged to students by their chosen BOHS Approved Training Provider, along with the Training Provider course fee.

BOHS fees for our Professional qualifications (CertOH, DipOH and Certificate of Competence) are payable to BOHS at time of application.

Find an upcoming BOHS course

BOHS Training Providers register their forward course dates with BOHS, and an up-to-date list of all future courses can be accessed using our Course Search facility. Please click the button below to access the search facility. You will need to know the BOHS Qualification Code to select your chosen course.

Information and support for existing BOHS students

Reasonable adjustments: Students with a disability who may need an adjustment in the exam can apply to BOHS in writing at least 10 days prior to the date of the exam. Contact the Qualifications Team.

Replacement certificates: for a replacement certificate, please download the Replacement certificate application form.

Enquiries about results: for any queries regarding exam results, please see the Enquiry about an Examination Result section.

Other study options

You may wish to consider a BOHS 'Endorsed' course.