BOHS Nominations

BOHS Board, FOH Committee & FAAM Committee.

Carol Bladon

I am now nearing the end of my second term on the Faculty Committee having joined as one of the first elected members in 2015. Serving on the FC brings responsibilities as defined by its Terms of Reference which work towards promoting and furthering the practice of Occupational Hygiene, helping the society and its members to learn and progress and ultimately improve general working environments.

When I first joined the FC it was in the early stages of Chartership and there was an emphasis on defining the paths to chartered status. The Faculty aims to assist BOHS with its strategic aims and for this FC has, in recent years, set up working groups to concentrate on specific topics. This has led to reviewing the Faculty handbook, promotion of Chartered Status and looking at what BOHS offers to Faculty members. Reviews of the CPD guidance have also been undertaken to help members realise their potential for ongoing learning and as CPD manager along with BOHS staff, I have also carried out the annual CPD audit.

The time I have spent on FC has helped me to understand some broader aspects of governance, given me an insight into the working of BOHS and enabled me to help promote Occupational Hygiene beyond that which I can do in my day job. Though currently we are restricted to virtual meetings it has also enabled me to get to know and work with other hygienists and members of BOHS staff which has certainly helped me to enjoy the whole experience.