Noise – Measurement and Its Effects M503 (replaces W503 OHTA course)

To provide you with an understanding of the nature of noise hazards in the workplace and the effects of noise on people. It also details the approach to carrying out noise assessments in the workplace and the general environment. This examination will help you to determine the significance of measurement data concerning the various standards for compliance.

Who is it for?

This examination is suitable for technicians and technologists who carry out measurements and testing in workplaces. 

How to prepare

Candidates can prepare by self-study, but are recommended to follow appropriate in-company training, University course or other course provided by a reputable training provider.

Learning objectives 

On completing this examination, you will be able to: 

  • Describe the consequences to health and well-being of excessive exposure to noise; 
  • Understand the measurement (including dosimetry) of noise concerning current standards;
  • Conduct surveys in the workplace to assess risks from noise; 
  • Advise on the need and means of control including PPE; 
  • Appreciate and advise on environmental noise assessment and concern; 
  • Understand current standards and good practice in these fields. 


There will be a 40 short answer question “open book” examination with an allowed time of 120 minutes. 

M503 is recognised for the purpose of professional training and education by the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene, the Professional Standards Body for UK Occupational Hygiene, Chartered Professional Body and statutory body for the recognition in the UK of overseas professional qualifications in Industrial/Occupational Hygiene.

BOHS is no longer an authorised examining body for the OHTA W503 module or part of the OHTA international training scheme and qualifications framework.

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