Senior Examiner Roles


BOHS is one of the world’s leading awarding bodies in the science and practice of worker health protection. It provides examinations and assessments for upwards of 5,000 learners each year. Awards range from Level 3 to Level 7 and cross the range of highly specialised courses in Legionella to the Diploma in Occupational Hygiene, the highest level award in Occupational Hygiene, leading to Chartered Status. BOHS also provides vital awards and qualifications relating to competence in the analysis of asbestos.

We are currently undertaking significant development, reviewing our routes to qualification, the competencies of practitioners and are aiming to establish a professional register for occupational hygienists under the auspices of the Professional Standards Authority for Healthcare Professions.

In order to support these developments, we are looking for experienced and committed professionals to take on leading professional educational roles across the range of our awarding portfolio. These are flexible part-time roles which will influence the protection of workers for decades to come and will enable the UK to address the continuing burden of occupational ill-health that affects 1.2 million people each year.

What’s in it for you?

As an examiner, you will work with a team of professional colleagues and with the support of our Head Office team in Derby to inform the technical content of assessments in your area of expertise.

Examiners will be able to:

  • Be engaged on a consultancy, voluntary (for those in public service) or employed basis (subject to HMRC rules) on a competitive salary in the education sector;
  • As employees, be entitled to private healthcare benefits, pension contributions and other employee benefits;
  • Attend BOHS conferences and events free of charge;
  • Enjoy membership fee waivers;
  • Work flexibly at home, with IT provision;
  • Claim CPD exemption;
  • Benefit from personal professional development opportunities;
  • Engage with the work of the Faculties and expert groups;
  • Actively and visibly contribute to the improvement of worker health protection.


How will this help BOHS?

By expanding our team, BOHS will be able to increase the number of candidates we can support on their professional development journey and provide faster feedback and results.


What is involved?

Following a period of training and calibration, BOHS Markers whose appointment is confirmed, mark professional and technical proficiency module examinations using an online facility. Markers must be able to complete their assessment within agreed deadlines and to attend occasional online standardisation meetings.

BOHS Assessors are asked to review portfolios of work submitted by candidates and provide feedback on their contents.  The portfolios are submitted via a secure website, which the Assessors log into to view/download the documents and add their comments and grading.

Assessors with relevant professional experience (eg., LEV or control of Legionella) may be invited to examine reports, case studies and other assessments associated with the proficiency modules (P series)

BOHS Examiners are asked to attend professional discussion (oral examinations) to be part of the examination panel.  Examinations for the CoC, CertOH and DipOH are usually held online via video conference software, so examiners need access to a computer/laptop with a good internet connection, a camera and microphone.

As part of a re-structuring of its qualification processes, BOHS wishes to appoint Principal Examiners who will have lead responsibility for maintaining professional, technical and educational standards for specific topics or professional qualification pathways. The spread and allocation of topics are subject to agreement by the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene, but, in addition to the existing role for Asbestos is likely to include LEV, Legionella, Occupational Hygiene (W courses), Occupational Hygiene (Professional Courses) and Miscellaneous (including noise, ergonomics, endorsed courses etc),  The Principal Examiner role has been piloted successfully for Asbestos and duties will include ensuring that:-

  • The syllabi for qualifications and courses in their topic/area are appropriate for work roles and underpinned by professional and technical standards of competence and adequately reflect the requirements of the work roles for which they have been developed.
  • Question banks are regularly reviewed and updated
  • Examination and assessment strategies are valid and fit for purpose.
  • Mark schemes and assessment criteria are unambiguous and applied accurately and consistently by markers/assessors.
  • Assessors for their topic/area are technically competent and undertake appropriate training and development.
  • Examination performance trends are monitored and action taken if required.
  • Escalated issues, appeals and incidents of malpractice are managed appropriately and consistently.
  • They liaise with the BOHS Qualifications and Membership teams to advise on professional progression routes and qualifications journeys for individual candidates.


What training will I receive?

On being selected, Markers, Assessors and Examiners will be welcomed by the Chief Examiner and will undergo training before their appointment is confirmed. Markers will mark practice papers and be given feedback to ensure that their marking aligns with that of experienced markers. Assessor training will involve supervised portfolio assessments and feedback from experienced assessors. Oral Examiners are given the opportunity to shadow other examiners, observe recorded examinations and receive feedback.

Principal Examiners will undergo a bespoke training programme which will include job shadowing and individual feedback.

All appointments will be confirmed on satisfactory completion of training.


What qualifications and experience do I need?

Please see Annex.


What do I need to do if I’m interested?

If you have any questions about the opportunity, then email or

If you wish to apply, please send an email to stating which role(s) you wish to be considered for and for which topics (where applicable), attaching your CV.

This is an open call for applications and candidates will be interviewed and selected on a rolling basis. The first application review date is Monday 19th September