Management and Control in Leisure, Display, Therapy and other Non-Industrial Water Systems P904

This course focuses on assessing legionella risk in leisure, therapy and healthcare facilities (such as spa pools and swimming baths). It also shows you how to control exposure.  

Who is it for?

The qualification is suitable for anyone who:

Manages legionella risk in non-industrial water systems. This includes:   

  • Duty holders and other responsible persons
  • Legionella consultants
  • Water systems operatives and technicians 

Is responsible for controlling health risks in the workplace, such as occupational hygienists and health and safety practitioners. 


The level of a qualification indicates the relative complexity and depth of knowledge and skills required to attain the qualification.  

This is a level 4 qualification in the BOHS qualifications framework. 

How is it delivered?

The P904 course is typically conducted over one day, which includes at least 6 hours of teaching time. 

Modules / Learning objectives

Overall objective 

To provide you with an overview of the health risks of legionella infection, and how it can be controlled in leisure, display, therapy and other non-industrial water systems. 


  1. Legislation and guidance 
  2. Leisure, recreational and healthcare facilities: design and operations 
  3. Risk assessment 
  4. Water treatment  
  5. Operational control 
  6. Other risk systems 
  7. Record keeping 


You must pass two parts within 12 months:  

  • Written Theory examination
  • Report submission 


BOHS provides: 

  • A comprehensive Student Manual, which covers the full range of subject areas included in the qualification 
  • Report writing and submission guidance for you and your tutor
  • A support pack for tutors which provides sample examination questions and guidance on the written examination

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