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How to Get Chartered

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Joining BOHS as a Chartered Member provides the opportunity to become a ‘Chartered Occupational Hygienist’: BOHS is the only occupational hygiene organisation able to offer this opportunity, due to its Royal Charter status.

‘Chartered Occupational Hygienist’ is a coveted and protected title which is recognised as a mark of excellence across the world. Those who have achieved this position are entitled to use post-nominal letters to show their prestigious status in the profession.  To be able to join at this level you must hold our Diploma of Professional Competence in Occupational Hygiene.

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Already hold the Diploma?

If you already hold the BOHS Diploma in Professional Competence then why not join as a member today?

How do I Achieve the Diploma?

This is the highest professional occupational hygiene qualification awarded in the UK. Award of the Diploma qualifies the holder to become a Chartered Member of the Faculty, and demonstrates knowledge of, and competence in, assessment of health hazards and the extent of risk in various workplace circumstances, and an ability to advise on suitable control procedures.