What will FAAM do for you?

Benefits of FAAM

FAAM offers the opportunity to become a member, providing the following benefits:

Be Part of a Professional Network

FAAM offers you the opportunity to be part of a professional network, to create best practice with industry peers. As a FAAM member you will be able to:

  • View the latest technical publications
  • Gain expert industry advice
  • Receive free attendance at BOHS’ regional meetings
  • Access to online forums where you can share ideas with industry colleagues
  • Use BOHS online searchable membership directory

Keep Updated with Industry News

As a member of FAAM, you'll receive the following benefits, to help you keep in touch with industry news and developments:

  • Regular e-bulletins sharing both industry news and faculty updates
  • Discounted rates to BOHS events and conferences
  • BOHS Exposure Magazine – keeping you up to date with Society news

Gain Recognition Within the Asbestos Industry

Being a member of FAAM can help you gain recognition within the asbestos industry, via:

  • Entitlement to FAAM’s post-nominal letters to prove your membership and expertise
  • Your membership certificate and card - which will illustrate your competence to prospective employees

Enhance Your Career Progression

Being part of FAAM can provide a pathway to progress in your career, via:

  • Access to a professional development programme
  • Participation in the continuous professional development (CPD) scheme, to keep an online record of your skills, courses and experience that will aid your career progression and excellence within the asbestos industry


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Why is CPD Important?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is critical, in order to develop the knowledge and skills required to perform professional responsibilities,  and to ensure standards and qualifications are maintained on an ongoing basis.  CPD can also aid career progression for individuals.

Benefits of CPD for employees:

  • Helps keep knowledge and skills up-to-date
  • Ensures the professional standard of qualifications and registrations is maintained
  • Helps career progression and advancement

Benefits of CPD for employers:

  • Ensures high and consistent standards across the company
  • Promotes engagement and commitment from the workforce
  • Promotes best practice and staff potential