Midlands Regional Webinar (13.10.20) – Skin Survival in a Covid 19 World

We are living in unprecedented times with Covid-19. Amongst all the chaos and changes we have all had to make to our lives it cannot go unnoticed that these changes have had an impact on our skin. The incidence of dry, red and damaged skin have increased along with the increased hand washing and other precautions that are designed to protect us and others around us.

The skin is one of our primary defences against microorganisms and so it is vital that we ensure it is functioning optimally if we are to best defend ourselves and those around us from Covid-19 and other infections. The dry, red and damaged skin that is being seen by many, and even discussed on national radio, is a sign that there are many with skin that is not functioning optimally.

This presentation will discuss briefly some of the considerations that are needed to minimise damage to the skin, whilst maintaining the standards needed for Covid-19, along with some of the simple things that can be done to repair already damaged skin.