LEV 2021 Extracting the Best Practices -Join the virtual event on Thursday 29 April

The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), a Scientific Charity and the Chartered body for Workers’ Health Protection and the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE) are holding their sixth joint virtual one day event ‘LEV – Extracting the Best Practices’ on Thursday 29 April.

With thorough examination and testing of all LEV systems being a priority, especially with the challenges and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s conference will be presenting insightful sessions and workshops into the topics affecting LEV control and its role in the reduction of industrial disease:

  • Duncan Smith from the Health and Safety Executive will be speaking on “Decision-making process for the serving of an LEV-related Improvement Notice”
  • Mark Allen from Thompson Solicitors will present “The life of an Occupational Disease case, from onset of symptoms, diagnosis, evidence gathering, litigation and the effects on the Claimant and their family”
  • David Mitchell from Hydrock will focus on “Exhaust stack design guidance, D1/H1 guidance, and the requirements of dispersion modelling”
  • Dean Greer, Chair of ILEVE will present “Why ILEVE Grading? Addressing Grenfell, the importance of competency and the CoC of Control”
  • Adrian Sims of Vent-Tech will talk about “Proportional Balancing: What happens when you alter a system?”
  • Dougie Collin of SK-IHS Ltd will present on behalf of Dr. Jarand Hindenes a “A doctor’s case study- Welding Fume and Health surveillance”

The event will also host a very interesting panel discussion on “Covid-19 and ventilation- what we have done and what we have learned” presented by BOHS’s Covid-19 Ventilation group.

You can view the full conference programme here.

LEV – Extracting the Best Practices’ is for anyone who has an active involvement in the local exhaust ventilation (LEV) industry- either working specifically in LEV (design, installation, commissioning, testing, servicing or maintenance) or being an owner of LEV installations but also for others working within the broader field of occupational hygiene and have an interest in LEV systems.

You can find more info and register here.