Dr Noah Seixas steps down as Chief Editor of the Annals of Work Exposures and Health

BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, has expressed its gratitude as Professor Noah Seixas announces his intention to step down as Chief Editor of the Annals of Work Exposures and Health following a seven-year tenure marked by scientific excellence, passion and unwavering editorial awareness of the relevance of papers to those on the front line of workplace health protection.

Professor Noah Seixas has been Chief Editor of the Annals since January 2013. He joined the Editorial Board as an Assistant Editor in 2007, having previously held similar positions with the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene and its predecessors, and the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Dr Seixas has been a Certified Industrial Hygienist for 32 years, with an emphasis in his work on the quantification of exposure for occupational epidemiology.

In addition to teaching occupational hygiene courses and maintaining an active research programme, he is also Director of the Northwest Centre for Occupational Health and Safety at the University of Washington. He has led and contributed to many research projects and been the author or co-author of numerous research papers.

During his seven years at the helm of the Annals, he achieved the goal of maintaining high standards of scientific inquiry while ensuring the relevance of the material to those on the front line of workplace health protection – a delicate and challenging balancing act indeed.

He also initiated the strategic review of the journal and steered it through its change of name from The Annals of Occupational Hygiene to Annals of Work Exposures and Health, and its simultaneous change in perspective as it reached out to a wider variety of authors and readers through an expanded scope reflecting key changes in the field of occupational hygiene and focusing on the assessment of a wider range of exposures which affect the health of workers.

At the same time, Dr Seixas chaired the Editorial Board, and managed the editorial review process, publishing around 100 papers each year, from over 250 annual submissions.

Authors have included research scientists from across the globe – such as North America, Scandinavia, the UK and the rest of the EU, Asia, Australasia, South America and Africa.

During his time as Chief Editor, he has authored or co-authored 20 editorials, all of which are  available on the website of the Annals, with diverse topics ranging from modern exposure surveillance to ancient occupational hazards such as respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and the implications of race and health at work.

Publishing highlights under Professor Seixas direction have also included for example the Special Issue on Gender, Work and Health which set out a number of novel study designs and methods that, it is hoped, other researchers can build on in future in order to advance the study of the different work-related exposures – and subsequent health effects – that women and men experience in the workplace.

Commenting on his tenure, Dr Seixas said, “The Annals of Work Exposures and Health is one of the world’s leading, peer-reviewed research journals on hazards and risks to health resulting from work.

“It has been my pleasure and privilege, for over seven years, to guide the journal in the publication of high-quality science dedicated to the assessment and control of risks to health and wellbeing at work.

“I would also like to sincerely thank the skilled editorial board of the Annals, the editorial and publishing staff, and my visionary colleagues in the global research community for their commitment to achieving excellence in our work.”

Expressing the Society’s gratitude, John Dobbie, President of BOHS, said, “As Chief Editor of the Annals, Noah has presented – with dedication, passion and academic rigour – advances in exposure science to support the recognition and control of exposures at work, alongside epidemiological studies on the effects on human health and well-being.

He has never allowed the Annals to lose sight of its key question – namely – ‘Is this paper going to help readers better understand, quantify, and control conditions at work that adversely or positively affect health and well-being?’

“The Society would like to take this opportunity to thank Noah for his role in making the Annals the forum that it is today and wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.”

Dr Seixas will remain as Chief Editor until Volume 64 of the Annals has been completed later this year.  BOHS is beginning the process of recruitment for his successor. You can find more information and apply here.

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