12 Days of BOHS Christmas – The Chartered Society for Worker Elf Protection

12 Days of BOHS Christmas – The Chartered Society for Worker Elf Protection



Alabaster Snowball knows that keeping exposures to naughty substances in the workshop as low as reasonably practicable (not just to the minimum limit) will keep everyone on the nice list.

Alabaster is the Administrator of the “Naughty or Nice List”, so you definitely want to be on his side. He has developed an elaborate computer system that updates each child’s Naughty or Nice rating five times a minute, all year round. Thanks to Alabaster, Santa has the latest updates on everyone and can adjust the toy production and deliveries right to the last minute. You better be good for goodness sake!


Bushy Evergreen knows that wood dust makes elves very poorly, so likes to put a sawdust capture hood on tools.

Bushy came from a family that lived in the forest way up North. Like most forest creatures, Bushy became skilled in the art of woodcarving at an early age. By the time he was a boy of 103, he had carved millions of wooden trains, cars, dinosaurs and other toys. Bushy is now the head Toy Maker for Santa and keeps on developing his famous toy-making machine to meet children’s endless demand for new toys.


Pepper Minstix is lead Occupational Hygienist for Santa’s workshop & uses the HI management standard to prevent exposure to nasty chemicals that can make elves sick when they make toys.

Pepper is the protector of Santa’s magic world and has worked his way up to being Head of Elf Security. He is entrusted with the important job of watching out for the well-being and safety of Santa Claus and Mrs Claus. He is also in charge of guarding the secret location of Santa’s Village and the magic workshop.


Sugarplum Mary knows that flour dust when you are baking a billion mince pies needs proper controls.

Mary is said to originate from a far away Asian province. She is tiny with dark hair and skin and awfully pretty. Head of sweet treats, Mary is the most marvellous of cooks and is the top assistant to Mrs. Claus in the kitchen. If Santa has ever brought you chocolates and other sweet treats Sugarplum Mary will be behind the original recipe. She also teaches Kung Fu to the young elves every Friday afternoon.


Shinny Upatree is living proof that by preventing workplace health exposures, you can live a very long life.

Shinny is the oldest resident of the North Pole Village – even older than Santa. He’s no taller than a four year old, skinny and as wrinkled as an old apple. Under his rugged appearance and cranky manners, he has a good heart and is totally devoted to Santa. Shinny is the leader of all the Elves and Santa’s oldest and most trusted friend.


Frosty the Snowman is always rightly concerned about the dangers of heat stress.

In many jobs, heat stress is an issue all year round.

Where there is a possibility of heat stress occurring you will need to carry out a risk assessment. You must be aware of how to work safely in heat, the factors that can lead to heat stress, and how to reduce the risk of it occurring. Check out the following link:



La Befana used to use a broom to help clear up after coming down the chimney, but she now uses a very quiet vacuum clear because she knows that dust can make people very ill

La Befana flies down people’s chimneys to assess the children that live in the house. If she feels they have been good, she will leave gifts. However, if she deems them to be on the bad list, she will leave coal instead. Sometimes, if she’s feeling really helpful, she will even sweep the floor with her broom before she leaves.


Knecht Ruprecht knows all about ash and loves to explain how CO2 is bad for the environment, and when present as CO it’s a dangerous workplace health risk in Santa’s traditional kitchens.

According to some stories, Ruprecht began as a farmhand; in others, he is a wild foundling whom Saint Nicholas raises from childhood. Ruprecht wears a brown robe with a pointed hood. Sometimes he walks with a limp, because of a childhood injury. He can be seen carrying a long staff and a bag of ashes, and on occasion wears little bells on his clothes.


Wunorse Openslae loves to hear the sound of tinkling bells, but has invented ways of making sure that the sounds of the workshop don’t deafen his fellow elves.

One of the few old native Nordic Elves, Wunorse is in his middle years, around 600 years old. Akin to his Viking ancestors he is tall and strong with long blonde hair. He wears dozens of tiny jingle bells sewn onto his clothes, so the enchanting sound of magic Christmas bells follows him everywhere. It was him who long ago created Santa’s magic sleigh.


Nisse knows that the farmers growing potatoes and sprouts need to take care of their health, although it does not stop him from pulling pranks.

Workers in the agricultural sector undertake activities where they are exposed to high levels of dust and micro-organisms resulting in respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis.

Specific guidance for employers on reducing the incidence of respiratory disease is available on HSE’s agriculture web pages.


Mrs. Claus keeps Christmas on the road, welding the chassis of the sleigh and machining new parts, but she always checks welding fume controls.

Our Welding Fume Control Selector Tool provides guidance on welding fume control for common welding tasks.

A panel of experts collaborated to create this tool in order to inform welders about the best welding fume controls to protect their health.


Santa Claus uses magic and principles of good handling practices to avoid the risk of muscular-skeletal disorders when carrying his sack full of billions of toys!

Employers must protect workers from the risks of musculoskeletal disorders being caused or made worse by work.

The Board, Faculties, Volunteers & Head Office team wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!