BOHS Chief Examiner


We are seeking a self-motivated person who is committed to the development of occupational hygiene knowledge and the occupational hygiene profession. 

While you do not need to have a background in qualifications and examining, you will be:

  • fair-minded and aware of the potential for bias and unconscious bias;
  • used to considering a wide variety of technical and scientific information;
  • able to translate professionally advanced concepts into terms understandable by a lay person;
  • intellectually curious and interested in innovation;
  • tenacious and willing to challenge;
  • self-motivated and able to inspire and encourage others;
  • able to work with professionals and lay-persons alike;
  • patient with systems, processes, regulatory practices and committees;
  • committed to education and learning for others and yourself.

An experience of training and qualifications is not necessary, but integrity, intellectual curiosity and a broad understanding of the discipline is essential.

The role is currently undertaken part time (0.6) and is suitable for remote working. 

For an informal discussion of the role, please contact,  the  Head of Qualifications at or 01332 250701