Inhaled Particles / NanOEH 2023 Recap

LEV 2023 Sessions

Opening Remarks

An Overview of Carbon Nanotube Carcinogens From Mouse Inhalation Data - Prof. Jun Kanno

Session 1A - In Vivo Nanotoxicology

Session 1B - Silica Hazard

Characterising Microplastic Exposure and Hazards: Challenges and Opportunities - Dr. Stepanie Wright

Session 2A - Micro-/Nano-Plastics and Human Health

Session 2B - Exposure Modelling

Session 3A - Particle Measurement Evaluation

Session 3B - Alternative Methods for Toxicology Testing

Session 4 - Poster Flash Presentation #1

Session 5A - Adverse Outcome Pathways

Session 5B - Particle Risk and Construction Materials

Adverse Outcome Pathways - A Framework For Designing Novel Approach Methods for Safety Assessment

Session 6A - Non-Exhaust Particle Health Effects

Session 6B - Heart, Mind, & Body

Session 7A - Air Pollution and Human Health

Session 7B - Occupational Exposure Surveys

Linking Air Pollution to Mortality: The Role of the Hallmarks of Environment Insults - Prof. Anette Peters

Session 8A - 2D Materials

Session 8B - Risk Management Frameworks

Session 9 - Poster Flash Presentations #2

Session 10A - Occupational Health and Biomarkers

Session 10B - Risk Management Evaluation

Understanding Exposure, Hazard Identification, and Human Health Effects: How Ultrafine Particle Toxicology Influenced Occupational Safety and Health - Dr. Aaron Erdely

Session 11A - Metal and Metal Oxides Particle Risk

Session 11B - Air Pollution: Susceptible Scenarios

Session 12 - BOHS Analytical Techniques for Particle Risk Assessments

Useful Measurements of the Air Pollutants for Evaluating Their Impacts on Health - Prof. Gordon McFiggans