North East Regional Webinar: Non-Ionising Radiation Safety in the Workplace

This webinar will provide an introduction to the topic of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) Safety in the workplace.  Sources are NIR are present in the workplace and can include broadband optical sources (e.g. UV lamps), lasers, and equipment capable of producing electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The webinar will cover:

  • What is NIR?
  • The effects on the body
  • Indirect effects
  • Applicable legislation in the UK
  • Risk assessments and control measures
  • How to assess exposures


Raj Bunger

Raj is a Director at Aurora Health Physics Services Limited (Aurora) and is a qualified Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA), Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA), Laser Protection Adviser (LPA), & Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) Specialist.

He provides advice and radiation protection services to a wide variety of clients across all sectors, including advice to corporate clients on how to implement robust radiation protection practices across multiple sites.  His client base is varied and covers many sectors for both ionising and non-ionising radiation and includes the medical, industrial, academic, research and military sectors.  He also has many years of experience as a project manager for large decommissioning and remediation projects.

Raj is Aurora’s Director for Staff and Service Development; his role includes the development of Aurora’s training services as well as the development of Aurora’s radiation protection professionals.

Raj is a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional and a Fellow of the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP).