Listen Up! Are Professionals Taking Noise Seriously Enough?

The UK Hearing Conservation Association have teamed up with the British Occupational Hygiene Society to put on a series of webinars on important issues around noise, hearing and noise management.

The first in the series will be Listen Up! Are professionals taking noise seriously enough, featuring presentations from Chris Steel, Specialist Inspector at the HSE and Peter Wilson Technical Director at Industrial Noise & Vibration Centre.

The recent HSE prosecution of a self-employed consultant, has brought to light the need for both employers to ensure they are intelligent customers in procuring advice and for consultants to ensure they are competent to provide such services.

This webinar will shed some light on the HSE findings on noise and noise surveys, detail why noise in the workplace remains a significant issue and advise on some simple things that can be done and why we should be pushing for change.

Sign up to join us on the 24th September

Running every two weeks from the first on the 24th future sessions will cover;

  1. Hearing Tests and New Advances in Technology - 8th October at 2pm
  2. Is your Hearing Protection Protecting… - 22nd Ocotber at 2pm
  3. Managing Reproduced Sound/Noise in Office and Industrial Environments - 5th November at 2pm

Speaker Profile

Clare Forshaw, Founder and Director of the UKHCA

Clare has had a long-held passion for changing attitudes to noise and hearing and has spent years feeling frustrated by the lack of progress and innovation in the field of hearing conservation. It was Clare’s idea to emulate the successful National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) model from the US and bring together similar minded and passionate people to make a difference. The NHCA are wholly supportive of our effort in the UK!

She has been actively involved in progressing the knowledge base and promoting best practice in noise control, health surveillance and improving the profile of noise risk for most of her career. She pioneered UK research on a novel alternative to pure tone audiometry, organised and hosted the first UK Hearing Conservation Conference in 2016 and more recently chaired the NHS England Action Plan on Hearing Loss Prevention Working Group.

The UKHCA are the UK’s first multi-disciplinary association dedicated to preventing damage to hearing health and to reduce other noise related health conditions. They focus on preventable causes of hearing loss and hearing health impact through common sense, cost effective, evidenced solutions.  The group represents respected, informed and influential leaders in the field of noise, acoustics, health and hearing who can be trusted to provide independent, evidence based advice and leadership in the area of hearing conservation.