LEV – Extracting the Best Practices

Good air quality and ventilation in the workplace is important to prevent occupational lung diseases. Do you agree? Then the LEV conference is not something you’ll want to miss!

There are thousands of us immersed in the world of local exhaust ventilation. We are involved in many different ways - system design, installation, commissioning, thorough examination and testing, servicing, maintenance, occupational hygiene assessments or perhaps you are a business owner who manages LEV systems of your own.

Whichever way you are involved, you will recognise that competence in the practical application of LEV and raising awareness of its important role in worker health protection is crucial. So much so, it deserves its own conference!

This year the LEV conference will be a two-day face-to-face event. Both days are open to all LEV and OH professionals as well as any other interested parties. The theme is ‘’Collaboration’’, as we are hoping to extend our reach further and wider to all involved parties.

DAY ONE - We especially encourage business owners and other duty holders to join us and learn about LEV’s role in controlling workers’ exposures to airborne hazardous substances. The day one programme will be packed full of field-leading experts who will give an introduction to LEV, its basic principles, correct design and use, caring for your system, and what to expect from your LEV professional.

DAY TWO - We will have our usual content aimed at LEV and OH professionals. The day two programme has more technical content than day one. Although we still encourage anyone interested (e.g. system owners) to attend.

See you there!

Interested in being an exhibitor at the LEV 2024 conference? Email conferences@bohs.org to enquire.