COMED Workshop/President Elect 9th December Webinar

COMED Workshop / President Elect Visit

The East Midlands & Yorkshire region are hosting the first hybrid regional meeting! 

Chose to attend in person at the Majestic Hotel Harrogate or online via the webinar.

Date & Time:
9th December - 13:00 - 16:30

13:00 – Arrive for buffet lunch

14:00 – Session start – Welcome from BOHS Regional Coordinator for East Midlands and Yorkshire, Tina Conroy

14:10 – Presentation from the BOHS President Elect, Chris Keen

15:00 - COMED Session with Andy Gillies and Mike Perry

16:30 - Session close. Guests are invited to visit the Harrogate Christmas Markets.

Speakers & Programme:

Chris Keen will talk about her presidential theme of broadening access to occupational hygiene for hard to reach groups, such as agency workers and those employed by very small businesses. She will also talk about the need for a more sustainable approach to occupational health risk management at all levels with an increased focus on prevention of harmful exposures and better management of workplace controls.

Chris is a chartered occupational hygienist with over 30 years of experience in assessing hazardous substance exposure and risk control strategies. She has extensive experience of providing occupational hygiene support for HSE and commercial clients, and has lead several large scale, multi-disciplinary research projects. Chris has worked across a broad range of industries, from the major hazards sector to manufacturing, construction and agriculture. Chris has been a BOHS board member for 2 years and is currently president-elect of the society.

Andy Gillies & Mike Perry will take attendees through the Control Measures Efficiency Database (COMED), which has been developed as a web-based tool to enable people to quantify the % reduction in exposure they can reasonably expect from using common exposure control measures.  It is a user-friendly database that not only brings together lots of exposure-related efficiency data, but also provides supporting information to help highlight the day-to-day practicalities of achieving and maintaining expected performance from the control measure in the workplace.  Sign up for this facilitated online workshop to learn more about COMED and gain hands-on experience of navigating the database while investigating hypothetical case studies.

Mike Perry is a former BOHS examiner and joined the COMED management team last year. Mike is an OH consultant specialising in pharmaceutical potent compound safety.  His work includes evaluating the performance capability of containment equipment to nanogramme levels, and developing procedures for the optimisation of specialist engineering controls.

Andy Gillies has been involved with COMED from its inception. Andy is a former President of BOHS and a regular presenter at conferences and regional workshops. He has been an advocate of practical, effective exposure controls throughout his career.


CPD:  This meeting will count towards CPD.

To book: or email the BOHS Conferences Team