Health in Construction Webinar: Together We Can Make The Change

It is the mission of the HCLG (Health in Construction Leadership Group) to unite the construction industry in eradicating ill health and disease caused by exposure to health hazards. Its current areas focus are on the following key areas; Mental Health, Musculoskeletal Disorders and Respiratory Health.

During this webinar, led by Henrietta Frater of HCLG, you will hear from the leaders of the HCLG Working Groups, who will share their plans and key aims. Also, you can find out how you can get involved, and the part you could play in helping to raise standards across the industry.

After an initial introduction from Henrietta, the HCLG Mental Health Working Group will take to the floor to reveal their key aims around people returning to work following the pandemic and tackling the attendant challenges and anxiety that this will create.

The HCLG Muscoskeletal Working Group will then discuss how they want to shake up the industry when it comes to our attitude and management of musculoskeletal disorders.

Finally, The HCLG Respiratory Health Working Group will set out how they plan to achieve their overall goal of eradicating exposure to respiratory hazards in construction by 2030.

All groups will share their key aims, which include the creation of resources to educate and support risk-assessors and improving their awareness and understanding of on site risks, supporting risk reduction through the “designing-in” process and working to eliminate the use of single-use face masks in favour of alternative, better solutions.

Join us on the 19th October to learn more about the Working Groups' key aims and strategies. All attendees will also receive access to a range of exclusive webinar resources.

This event is hosted by RVT Group, who work to protect the long-term health of those on site.