Hand-Arm Vibration: The Latest Updates From HSE

This webinar will cover the recent updates to HSE’s vibration webpages and dscuss an occupational hygienist’s approach to providing HAV management support.

BOHS are hosting a webinar on 14th February 2024 from 12.30 - 13.30 on Hand-Arm Vibration.

This webinar will cover:

  • The recent updates to HSE’s vibration webpages.
  • What a good HAV report should look like. What is expected from an occupational hygienist providing HAV management support.
  • Discuss the use of HAV magnitude databases. Where to find reliable databases.
  • Discuss an occupational hygienist’s approach to providing HAV management support i.e. gather tool/activity register, populate with reliable magnitude data, estimate trigger times and calculate cumulative A(8). Measuring on-tool, if then necessary.
  • What is expected when estimating trigger times for workers with highly variable jobs.
  • Clarification re hand-held adapters and which types are acceptable.
  • Circumstances of when a fixed mounting system (i.e. the ‘’cube’’ method) would not be feasible.
  • Clarification re unrepresentative measurements e.g. on the fingers, back of the hand or wrist.

Speaker Bios:

Speaker: Chris Steel

Chris Steel BSc(Hons), M.Phil, MIOA

Chris is a Noise and Vibration Specialist Inspector for the Health and Safety Executive. He carries out Inspections and Investigations of workplaces focusing on Noise at Work, Hand-arm Vibration and Whole-body Vibration issues. Chris has worked in noise and vibration control for more than 20 years moving from product development to consultancy to academia to regulation.