Asbestos 2020 Recap

Day one


Launching day one, committee member Colette Willoughby.


Same Lord from HSE talks about the history of control limit for asbestos workers.

Current sampling

Rick Pomeroy from ABP Associates delivers a presentation on Current Sampling challenges for maintenance workers and removers for control limit compliance.

Clearance control

Jan Templeman from Advies Bureau Jan Tempelman, discusses clearance control in the Netherlands, an overview of used methods and results.

ECHA & EPA Reviews

Garry Burdett explains the ECHA and EPA reviews and implications for the control limit for work with asbestos.

HSG248 Overview

Sam Lord from HSE joins us for a guide to the new HSG248 Analysts' Guide.

Asbestiform fibres and mineral fragments

Andrey Korchevsky (Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc.) and Ann Wylie (University of Maryland, USA)

The session will explore one of the outstanding problems of risk assessment: distinguishing between asbestiform fibres and mineral fragments. The same types of minerals can produce fibres and fragments, different by their physical characteristics.

The participants will be able to learn about the most recent scientific findings relevant for understanding of mineralogy and toxicity of fibres and fragments. A methodology for differentiating fragments from fibres will be outlined, along with the interpretation of the finding from a risk assessment perspective. The role of dimensionality in determination of elongate mineral particle carcinogenic potential will be evaluated.

Asbestos in marble

Laurie Davies, from HSE, talks us through a recent case study.

Assessment of the OEL/Control limit

Garry Burdett talks us through the OEL/Control limit assessment for work with asbestos.

Four-stage clearance procedure

Dan Barrowcliffe gives his observations from the research on this procedure.

I was given three months to live

Mesothelioma Sufferer Mavis Nye joins event host Kim McAllister to discuss living with the condition, 11 years after diagnosis.

Day two

Asbestos 2020 Mock Trial

Your day in court: Kevin Bampton, Adam Binney, Paul Lyons, Tony Reilly, Alan Willoughby

Managing asbestos should be achievable with the right policies and procedures in place along with

the use of competent organisations and individuals. That may be the hole which many find themselves

falling into without realising asbestos management requires much more. See what happens when things

go wrong but yet on face value those things appear perfectly acceptable. Your day in court an experience

not to be missed, especially when watching from the side-lines rather than in the ‘dock’.

The client perspective

Mike Westcar, Chair of London and SE Asbestos Group Client perspective: what is good and bad about the quality of surveys and data on portals for the management of building stock.

The consultant perspective

Rob Blackburn, (Knights Research Ltd)talks about refurbishment and demolition surveys including commercial and industrial buildings - defining the scope of work and what caveats should go into reports from the consultant's perspective.

The regulator perspective

Andrew Kingscott (HSE) Regulator’s perspective: duty to manage failures?

New D modules

Colette Willoughby (BOHS / Asbestos Compliance Limited) New D Modules: Duty Holder training being developed by BOHS for on-line delivery.

Drone Technology

Drone technology - Jamie Harris from Hysurv advances that could be adopted by the survey industry to improve the quality of surveys and reports.


Ben Angell-James covers a review of current best practice for adopting remote auditing procedures; auditing surveyors and air testing analysts from your office.

The UKAS perspective on remote auditing

Jeff Ruddle (UKAS) UKAS - their perspective on remote auditing and the future of onsite surveillance plus their pilot scheme considering risk and the use of remote assessments.

MYTH: Personal monitoring for one hour for compliance

Dan Barrowcliffe from HSE joins us to dispel the myth that Personal monitoring for one hour is all that is needed to check compliance with the control limit.

MYTH: Asbestos in soil, is it safe

Sara Manson joins us to discuss 'less than 0.1%w/w asbestos in soil, and is it safe?'

MYTH: 0.01 f/ml as a 'safe' standard for reassurance

Martin Stear registrar of FAAM joins us to bust the myth of using 0.01 f/ml as a reassuring safe standard.

MYTH: The global asbestos disaster

Yvonne from Waterman Legal joins us to bust the myth that Asbestos is a passing problem…

Closing remarks

Colette joins us again to round up the conference.