Management and Control of Evaporative Cooling and Other High-Risk Industrial Water System P903

This course teaches you about the operating characteristics and properties of these devices, which make them potentially high-risk systems. It also provides knowledge on how these risks can be identified and managed by trained and competent operators; and the control measures that need to be implemented to ensure continued safe operation. 


Who is it for?

The qualification is suitable for anyone who is:  

Responsible for maintaining evaporative cooling systems and other industrial-type water systems. This includes: 

  • Water system technicians and operatives. 
  • Building and facilities managers 
  • Duty holders and other responsible persons 
  • Maintenance staff 

Responsible for controlling legionella bacteria risks or for controlling health risks in the workplace. This includes:  

  • Legionella consultants 
  • Occupational hygienists 
  • Health and safety practitioners or health and safety managers 


The level of a qualification indicates the relative complexity and depth of knowledge and skills required to attain the qualification.  

This is a level 4 qualification in the BOHS qualifications framework, equivalent to NVQ Level 4 and HNC.  

How is it delivered?

The P903 course runs typically on one day and includes 6 hours of teaching. 

Modules / Learning objectives

Overall objective 

To provide you with an overview of legionella bacteria risk, and how it can be controlled in evaporative cooling and other high-risk industrial type water systems in compliance with regulatory requirements. 


  1. Legislation and guidance 
  2. Cooling tower design and operation 
  3. Risk assessment 
  4. Water treatment 
  5. Operational control 
  6. Other risk systems 
  7. Record keeping 


You must pass two assessments within 12 months:  

  • Written Theory examination
  • Report submission 


BOHS provides: 

  • Further information can be found in the course specification, together with Report submission forms and guidance, under the ‘Downloadable Resources’ information box above.
  • BOHS Online Exam information and FAQs - Click here 

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