Report Writing for Asbestos Surveys P402RPT

Originally the P402RPT was a compulsory module within P402. However, P402 was revised in September 2014, and the requirement for you to submit two field reports for assessment as part of the qualification was removed. BOHS understood that some surveyors might wish to improve their report writing skills and gain formal recognition of these skills. As a result, BOHS introduced P402RPT as an optional module if you have completed the P402. 

Who is it for?

The P402RPT module is only available for those who have obtained the P402 – Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings qualification. 


Not applicable 

How is it delivered?

If you wish to gain the P402RPT you will need to read BOHS Submission Guidance. This will inform you of the process for submitting your reports.  

Modules / Learning objectives 

Overall Objective

To improve your report writing skills and allow you to gain formal recognition of these skills 


Not applicable 


To complete the P402RPT module, you are required to demonstrate satisfactory survey report writing skills by compiling and submitting two asbestos field survey reports. 

The surveys must be one of the following sets:  

  • Two management surveys; or  
  • Two refurbishment/demolition surveys; or  
  • One management survey and one refurbishment/demolition survey.  

The reports must cover work which has been undertaken within the last six months and must not have previously been submitted for examination purposes. Where it is not practicable to submit a report that is less than six months old, the reasons for this must be outlined in writing to BOHS. 


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