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BOHS can support your professional development. We administer a continuing professional development (CPD) scheme for all members of our Faculties.  We also offer a range of professional qualifications.

CPD for Faculty Members

The Faculty of Occupational Hygiene (FOH) and the Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM) are committed to the concept of CPD as a means of encouraging and upholding the highest professional standards of knowledge and performance among qualified practitioners. Therefore, CPD is mandatory for all Faculty membership grades (apart from ‘Retired’).

CPD is your investment in your career: whatever the current stage of your career, whatever your aims and goals are, CPD can provide the means to achieve career progression.

So how does CPD work? Very simply – it’s a personal portfolio of your professional activities, where you record the knowledge, skills and experience you acquire during your everyday work; how you learn from this; and how you apply it. By recording your CPD, you will be able to assess what you’ve learned; plan your future development, and put into practice the new skills you’ve obtained.

BOHS makes it easy for members to record their CPD – simply go to the My BOHS log in section of the website.

Professional Qualifications

BOHS provides a range of qualifications at Certificate and Diploma level, available to both members and non-members.  We currently offer;

Click the links above to see more information about each qualification, and details about how to apply.

Career Progression

BOHS members can log into the members' area to see job adverts for roles in Occupational Hygiene and the topics of hygiene e.g. asbestos.

Log into the members' area to see the latest job adverts.