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Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM)


BOHS' New Faculty - Launched 11 October 2017

FAAM is BOHS’ new Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management, and its overarching aim is to provide a professional home for the asbestos industry, by meeting the key objectives within the profession. FAAM’S vision is to:

  • Pursue excellence for all those who practise in the asbestos assessment and management profession
  • Establish, develop and maintain standards of competence in asbestos assessment and management practice for those who are members of FAAM
  • Act as the guardian of professional standards and ethics in the profession of asbestos assessment and management

FAAM’s vision will be achieved by:

  • Operating a professional membership scheme
  • Administering and governing examinations in asbestos and related subjects

Why is FAAM needed? 

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What will FAAM do for you?  

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How can you become a member of FAAM? 

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Who is BOHS, and what is its role in FAAM?

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What is occupational hygiene and how does it relate to asbestos?

Occupational hygiene is the scientific discipline concerned with recognising, evaluating and controlling workplace health risks – ‘worker health protection’. Occupational hygienists use science and engineering to develop cost-effective solutions to control both obvious and hidden risks to health – these risks include asbestos.