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Who is BOHS, and what is its role in FAAM?

Industry Standard

The BOHS P400 series of qualifications in asbestos are industry-leading, and are recognised by the HSE and UKAS.

Widely acknowledged as the gold standard, they give professionals the competitive edge; holders of BOHS asbestos qualifications have proven their ability to provide sound, authoritative advice on: safely identifying asbestos-containing materials; the ill-health effects these materials can cause; and the adequacy of controls in the working environment to protect workers from asbestos.

Additionally, the P400 series of qualifications are protected by trademark to BOHS.

International Leadership in Asbestos

BOHS and its members have been providing national and international leadership on protection against asbestos since the 1960s. BOHS has published research papers and codes of practice: it is also the leading UK awarding body for qualifications in occupational hygiene, developing and maintaining professional standards via its Faculty of Occupational Hygiene.

Chartered Society

BOHS’ was granted a Royal Charter in 2013, in recognition of its unique and pre-eminent role as the leading authority in occupational disease prevention. Royal Charters are rarely granted, and are only awarded to professional bodies or charities with a long standing record of achievement.