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Information for Existing Training Providers

For existing BOHS Approved Training Providers (ATPs), this page provides information about:

  • All existing BOHS Qualifications
  • Guidance documents
  • Links to other BOHS information pages


NEW Advanced Proficiency Module available:

  • P408 - Identification and Quantification of Asbestos in Soils using PLM and PCM

NEW International Proficiency course now available:

  • IP601 - Thorough Examination and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

For more information, please go to the BOHS courses and qualifications page below, or contact the Qualifications Team at qualifications@bohs.org.

BOHS courses and qualifications

Please go to the page below to find out more about the courses and qualifications we currently offer, and any new and upcoming courses. Syllabi and other guidance documents may be downloaded using the document names shown below each qualification.

Applying to offer training for additional BOHS qualifications

If you wish to apply to BOHS to provide training for qualifications not included in your initial application please use the button below to download and complete our 'Application form for additional aualifications (DA.55b)'

Please also provide a CV for any new trainer and email along with the application form.

When you have completed the form please email, along with any relevant CVs, to our Qualifications Administration Manager: rose.holden@bohs.org

BOHS examination and registration fees

Please use the button below to directly access our examination and registration fees page.

Examination guidance - short answer questions

This document provides assistance for course tutors in briefing their students on the Short Answer Question (SAQ) found in examinations: it also contains useful example questions that can be used during the course. Please click the button below to download a PDF.

Asbestos Training Provider inspection scheme

All BOHS Approved Training Providers running asbestos training courses receive periodic inspections by a BOHS inspector. The following qualifications fall into the scheme currently:

P401; P402; P403; P404; P405; P407

The refresher qualifications RP402, RP404 and RP405 are currently excluded from the inspection scheme.

To request full details of the scheme and associated charges please use the button below to email Kevin Knight (kevin.knight@bohs.org) or telephone 01332 250701.