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Why choose a BOHS qualification?


Since 1953 BOHS has been the only organisation dedicated to occupational hygiene, and to be awarded a Royal Charter – in recognition of its unique and pre-eminent role as the leading authority in occupational disease prevention. This also means that BOHS is the only occupational hygiene organisation to offer the opportunity to achieve ‘Chartered Occupational Hygienist’ status, via its professional development route.

Industry standard

The BOHS Faculty of Occupational Hygiene sets, develops and maintains the professional standards of occupational hygienists. It is also an internationally recognised, and the only UK-based examining board for qualifications in occupational hygiene.

Global Recognition

BOHS qualifications are recognised by HSE, UKAS and IOHA, and by national and international institutions, organisations and employers.

Support Services

The Qualifications Team at BOHS Head Office is available to provide advice, and to resolve queries.