BOHS Endorsed Courses

BOHS operates an Endorsement Scheme whereby other training organisations can have their own OH courses quality checked and endorsed by BOHS.

By endorsing suitable courses, BOHS - as the leading UK professional body in occupational hygiene - aims to ensure that awareness training, in all aspects of occupational hygiene, is of the highest possible standard.

Endorsed courses don’t lead to a specific BOHS qualification: rather, these courses aim to provide a broad-brush introduction to key issues in a given subject area and are ideal for those who wish to expand their knowledge in a particular subject area, without taking a formal qualification. They provide the opportunity to explore key issues which might include:

  • Basic knowledge of the subject field
  • An understanding of likely risks to health and how these can be minimised or avoided
  • Factors to consider when engaging outside contractors or consultants
  • An overview of relevant guidance and essential documentation and procedures
  • Clarification of individual roles and legal responsibilities

Aimed not at technical practitioners, these courses are more for generalists, such as small business owners/managers/directors with overall responsibility for health and safety and union health and safety representatives from larger organisations, who need to know how to comply with the law and understand best practice.

Successful completion of the course should lead to a better understanding of statutory requirements, how close they are to being met, and provide information about what, if anything, to do next.

The following subjects are currently covered within the Endorsement Courses Scheme:

Please click on the link to find which organisations are running the following Endorsed Courses:

  • Practical Management of LEV Controls