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We welcome applications from companies interested in becoming Approved Training Providers (ATPs) for our courses and qualifications:

  • Asbestos Qualifications (P400 and IP400 series)
  • Legionella Qualifications (P900 series)
  • COSHH Qualifications (P300 series)
  • LEV Qualifications (P600 series)
  • Certificate for Controlling Health Risks in Construction (CCHRC)

Applications for the above are handled via the 5 step process detailed below. To find out more about our courses and qualifications, please use the button below.

  • Occupational Hygiene qualifications (W series) applications are handled via a different route - please contact to request details of the application arrangements, or visit this section of the OHlearning website for further information

How do I become approved to run a BOHS qualification?

Step 1: Enquire about becoming a BOHS training provider

You will need to contact BOHS to request information about becoming an Approved Training Provider (ATP). Only an ATP can run BOHS courses or qualifications.

Please email to request an ATP application pack.

We will then send you an application pack with the following documents:

  • BOHS Handbook for Approved Training Providers
    This contains information about what is involved in working with BOHS, and in particular our obligations to you as a training provider. Additionally, it covers your responsibilities for when you become an Approved Training Provider.
  • ATP application form
    You will need to complete this and submit it to BOHS, along with any required supporting evidence.
  • BOHS Approved Training Provider Agreement
    This document outlines the contract between ATPs and BOHS. You will need to sign this once BOHS has approved your  application and submitted the registration fee invoice to you.

Step 2: Self-assess against BOHS requirements and submit application

Next, a training provider will need to self-assess its ability to meet the requirements detailed in the ‘Handbook for Approved Training Providers’.

If you feel confident that your company meets the requirements, you can then complete and submit the ATP application form. You will need to complete the whole form accurately and honestly,  together with required documentation, ensuring that evidence is available should it be requested by BOHS.

What if I don't meet the requirements of the Handbook?
If you feel that you do not quite meet BOHS’ ATP requirements, you have the following options:

  • Contact BOHS and ask for guidance and support.
  • Do not pursue the application any further.

Step 3: BOHS assesses your application

On receipt of a completed application form (including additional evidence), we will take the following steps:

  1. We thoroughly check the information provided. If any information is missing, we will contact you to request further information.
  2. We will then validate the information that has been submitted.
  3. We will contact you with the result of the application assessment.

How long will this take?
If sufficient information has been supplied, the assessment will normally take approximately 10 working days.

Step 4: Receive decision from BOHS

If your application has been approved, you will need to confirm by email that you wish to register as an Approved Training Provider. We will then raise an invoice for the registration fee.

At this point, we will also request a signed hard copy of the Approved Training Provider Agreement - this will need to be signed by a Director or Senior Manager.

What happens if my application is rejected?
If the application is not approved, we will inform you of the reason for this, and provide an opportunity for any queries and further discussion. You will also be offered the opportunity to re-submit your application.

Step 5: Become registered as a BOHS Approved Training Provider

Once the registration fee and the signed Agreement have been received, you will be registered with us as a BOHS Approved Training Provider (ATP). Your company name, address and approved qualifications will be entered into the BOHS online Exams Management System (EMS), and you will be set up with user names/passwords.

BOHS will supply to you by email:

  • An electronic file of the BOHS Approved Training Provider logo. This can be used on any of your publicity (provided it is within BOHS' published guidelines).
  • Confirmation of the day-to-day administration contacts at BOHS.

You will need to nominate system users to be set up on the online Exam Management System, as you will need to book your training courses through this.

Each system user nominated by the ATP will receive:

  • Their personal username and password for the EMS.
  • A copy of the EMS User Guide.
  • Details of the BOHS contacts for day-to-day communications and support.

At this point, the ATP will be able to propose and then confirm forthcoming training courses/examinations on the EMS. The EMS User Guide indicates the various steps involved, and additional telephone/email support is available via BOHS' Qualifications Team.

Need any assistance?

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please email using the following button: