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Certificate of Competence in an Individual Subject

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Certificate of Competence in an Individual Subject

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The Certificate of Competence (CoC) in an Individual Subject is for candidates who wish to establish their competence in a specific field. The CoC follows successful completion of the appropriate BOHS modular qualification(s). 

Candidates can complete their Certificate in: Asbestos and Other Fibres; Noise; Control and Legionella (other subjects may be considered upon request).

Qualification Overview

Entry Requirements

Those who have passed the following BOHS Occupational Hygiene Modules are eligible to take the Certificate of Competence (CoC) in that subject;

  • The CoC in Asbestos can be taken by candidates holding the five proficiency modules in asbestos (P401, P402, P403, P404, P405) under Pathway 1. Alternatively, candidates holding W504 or S301 are also eligible under Pathway 2.
    (Note - From 2nd March 2020 the CoC in Asbestos qualification has been updated and the new guidance is available on this page) 
  • The CoC in Legionella can be taken by candidates who have passed P901, P903 and P904 (or previously P902 instead of P903 and P904).
  • The CoC in Control can be taken by candidates who have passed P601, P602, P603 and P604. Alternatively, candidates holding W505 are also eligible.
  • The CoC in Noise can be taken by candidates who have passed W503. 

Applicants should note that some of the components of this qualification are assessed on-line and therefore access to a computer and the internet is essential.

Routes to the Qualification

Due to COVID-19, enrolment to each component of the qualification, is through deferred payment by using the provided code (or by paying fees).

Payment will be required once the qualification is complete.

Submission of a written assignment/Report £120
Submission of a Portfolio of Evidence, written assignment and report£155
Professional Discussion£400

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