Our CPD Scheme

For your professional development and membership with BOHS

BOHS administers a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme for members of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene (FOH) and Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM).

Our Faculties are committed to the concept of CPD as a means of encouraging and upholding the highest professional standards of knowledge and performance among qualified practitioners. Therefore, CPD is mandatory for all Faculty membership grades (apart from ‘Retired’).

CPD is your investment in your career.

Whatever the current stage of your career, whatever your aims and goals are, CPD can provide the means to achieve career progression.

How does CPD work?

Very simply – it’s a personal portfolio of your professional learning activities, where you record the knowledge, skills and experience you acquire to develop and enhance your abilities; capturing what you learned from it, and how you apply it.

Your CPD record captures your learning and development, showing that you have current skills and knowledge to demonstrate continual good professional practice and abidance to the code of ethics.

What counts as CPD?

There are various ways CPD points can be achieved, which include and are not limited to: training workshops, attending conferences and events, completing e-learning modules and programmes, self-directed learning by reading relevant journals and publications, studying best practice techniques, networking etc.

You can find out what constitutes CPD by downloading the BOHS CPD Guide for your Faculty:

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With COVID-19 still affecting people around the world and many events being cancelled and postponed, we have compiled a list of useful CPD opportunities you can still complete whilst in lockdown.

Live requests for CPD activities

  • Write an article for one of our magazines (FAAM News or Exposure) – 1 point per article
  • Complete our questionnaire (written, phone call or via video call) on your experience gaining CMFOH or CFFOH membership – 1 point
  • Let us know your perspective COVID-19 and the prevention method for content we can share on our website and via social media – 1 point
  • Complete our online quiz on the practical elements you/ your clients/ your employer have suffered and the OH impacts of closing down businesses – 1 point

CPD you can complete at home

  • Developing transferable skills e.g. IT, business, financial – 1 point
  • Chair a virtual meeting – 2 points
  • Attend a virtual meeting – 1 point
  • Successful completion of a BOHS Module/International Module  or other related hygiene/health and safety course - 1 point
  • Award of a BOHS professional qualification (DipOH, CertOH, Certificate of Competence in an individual subject) - 6 points
  • Study towards a postgraduate qualification - 6 points
  • Research for publications and papers - 1 point
  • Self-study - Reading of journals/technical papers/blogs - 1 point
  • Published paper in the Annals of Occupational Hygiene or other peer reviewed publication - 2 points per paper
  • Reviewing papers for the Annals of Occupational Hygiene or other peer reviewed publication - 1.5 points per paper
  • Volunteer work - 1 point

How do I log my CPD points?

BOHS Faculty members can log their CPD activities in the My CPD area of their My BOHS account.

The online CPD activity log allows members to add*, amend and collate information about their CPD activities.

It keeps a record** for you to track and plan professional development activities and contribute towards the annual submission for the ongoing membership of the Faculty.

* CPD points for BOHS events attended after booking through the BOHS website is automatically added to your CPD account

** Please note the overall points total refreshes overnight.

Your CPD record should be completed by 31 January each year for the previous calendar year.

Log in now to record your CPD

For further information and help, please contact the Membership team:

Phone: +44 (0)1332 250719

Email: cpd@bohs.org