Becoming a Chartered Member

Chartered status is internationally recognised and signifies a high level of professional competence and experience. We are proud to be the only organisation in the world that offers Chartered Membership for Occupational Hygienists.

To pursue a career in occupational hygiene, please see our website Career in Occupational Hygiene

A good starting point to gain an overview of occupational hygiene would be to complete our Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene W201 module W201 - Basic principles in Occupational Hygiene

To progress to the professional grades in the BOHS Faculty of Occupational Hygiene you will need to take either an approved degree in occupational hygiene or study six of the occupational hygiene modules from the W500 series. Some employers take on trainees with a first degree in science and after a period of practical experience may help with the costs of further study. You can have a look at some of the freely accessible training material (e.g., student manuals) used in the international modules by looking at the OHTA web site OHTA Homepage

Please visit this link to find more information about the Certificate of Operational Competence in Occupational Hygiene.

Please visit this link: to find more information about the International Certificate.

The Certificate is for UK candidates, whilst the international version is for those candidates residing outside of the UK. International candidates will not be questioned on UK legislation during the professional discussion.

Relevant workplace experience – both technical and professional - is a requirement of progression, and this is demonstrated by compiling and submitting work portfolios for assessment. Candidates for the CertOH and ICertOH must complete a Personal Learning Portfolio (PLP). In addition, at least three years’ technical and practical experience is required before the Certificate professional discussion can be taken. Candidates for the DipOH must complete a Professional Experience Portfolio (PEP); Researched Essay ((please page 9 of the Diploma Qualification Guide) and in addition, five years’ professional experience is required before the Diploma professional discussion can be taken.  The 5 years experience can include the 3 years required to be eligible for Certificate.

For those who a hold a BOHS accredited degree obtained over 10 years ago, your initial application will be reviewed by Chief Examiner to check ongoing experience and competence in occupational hygiene due to the time length.

To find a list of the degrees accredited by BOHS view this link

Pathway One is for those who hold an MSc or equivalent degree that is accredited by BOHS. It is also for non-UK qualified occupational hygienists possessing an IOHA-accredited professional qualification. To find out more about IOHA accredited professional qualifications visit this link:

The fees for each qualification can be found on the relevant webpage under the Fees section. Fees are required at each stage of the qualification.

You will only receive feedback for your professional discussion if you have failed. The examining panel and Chief Examiner will provide information with regard to the weak topics of your discussion and suggest how to prepare for another attempt.

You will receive the final result within two weeks of sitting the professional discussion.

To order a replacement certificate, please complete our online form. Please Note: There will be a charge for a replacement certificate. 

Progression is marked by different grades of Faculty membership and associated post-nominal letters.

These are:

  • Associate (AFOH)
  • Licentiate (LFOH)
  • Chartered Member (CMFOH)
  • Chartered Fellow (CFFOH)

If you require any further information, please contact the qualifications team at: