HSG248: ATP Guidance for Materials Submission

The changes that we have made to the syllabi are crucial, and as part of our normal quality assurance requirements, it will be necessary for all training materials to be submitted to BOHS for approval prior to delivering the refreshed courses to candidates. Thus, Approved Training Providers will need to submit all course manuals, course resources and lecture slides (as relevant) electronically for each module. BOHS will not be making a charge for the review of training materials.

Steps for how to submit your training materials follow and will be processed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

  • When reviewing course materials, BOHS will be looking at the Materials Inspection Form to ensure all content is adequately included in the structure of your courseThese forms are available for download below.
  • The forms have been designed to provide ATPs with the structure needed in order to create, update and review course materials to ensure they are of good quality and are fit for purpose.
  • Check/tick boxes have been provided on each section to allow ATPs to work through the form methodically and to keep track whilst working through each area.
  • ATPs should use the comments boxes to tell BOHS where they have referred to each area within the course materials. For example: Details of the course structure and timetable can be found in page/s xx of document XX of the course materials.
  • Where changes or updates have been made to the course materials, BOHS will find it helpful if the areas of change were highlighted. This will speed up the checking and approval process.

Once training materials are ready for review they should be sent electronically along with the Materials Inspection Form to inspections@bohs.org  Should the training materials being submitted be too large to send on an email, we would suggest using the website Filemail.com (which is free to use to send 2 emails within a 24 hour period) to the same email address above.

If you have any queries or feedback about the submission process, do please contact inspections@bohs.org and we will be happy to help.