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FAAM's Vision

Pursue excellence for all those who practise in the asbestos assessment and management profession.

Establish, develop and maintain standards of competence in asbestos assessment and management practice for those who are members of FAAM.

Act as the guardian of professional standards and ethics in the profession of asbestos assessment and management.


FAAM Membership









FAAM Activities

FAAM intends to achieve its vision through a series of different activities, including but not limited to;

  • Operating a professional membership scheme
  • Operating a CPD scheme
  • Administering and governing examinations in asbestos and related subjects such as the BOHS asbestos qualifications

What is Occupational Hygiene and how does it relate to Asbestos?

Occupational hygiene is the scientific discipline concerned with recognising, evaluating and controlling workplace health risks – ‘worker health protection’.

Occupational hygienists use science and engineering to develop cost-effective solutions to control both obvious and hidden risks to health – these risks include asbestos.

What is Fellow Membership?

Fellowship of the FAAM is the highest award that the Faculty can bestow.

Applicants to this level must have been at the Member level  for a period of five years or more and can demonstrate seniority in the asbestos profession.

Membership to this level will be opened up after 5 years of the Faculty’s operation.


The second FAAM conference – ‘Asbestos 2019’ – is being held in November with international speakers and a thoroughly scientific programme.

This year we are introducing a Professional Development Course: Crash Course on Asbestos Risk Assessment: Workers, Community, Consumers. This 8 hour PDC will introduce the audience into the cutting edge topics and agenda of asbestos risk assessment.


Why is FAAM needed?

Conference and Events

What does FAAM offer?


Who is BOHS?