Asbestos 2021 Recap

Day one


BOHS CEO Kevin Bampton welcomes us all to this year's BOHS and FAAM Asbestos virtual conference, followed by an introduction to Automated Measurement of Airborne Asbestos from Martin Harper.

Frontier Microscopy

Jordan Gruber, CEO and co-founder of Frontier Microscopy, discusses the company and their MARVIN automated microscopy platform.

Ethos Environmental

Dr Brian Gardner, founder of Ethos Environmental joins us to discuss Potential Applications for Integrated Sampling/Fibre-counting technologies.


Dr David-A Mendels, CTO, xRapid-Group discusses using their xRfiber Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for fibre counting in air samples.

Automated Measurement of Airborne Asbestos, panel discussion

Martin Harper (host), Jordan Gruber, Brian Gardner and David Mendels re-join us for a panel discussion on the merits of automated measurement of airborne asbestos.

Fluorescence Microscopy

HSE's Laurie Davies presents his and Daniel Barrowcliffe's research into the fluorescence of fibres.

Reduced Filter Area Sampling

Robin Howie, an Expert witness for asbestos-induced disease cases, joins us to present on reducing filter area sampling areas and how this affects testing.

Asbestos Cement – how much of a problem is it really?

FAAM Committee Member Colette Willoughby joins us to discuss Asbestos Cement and how much of a problem it really is.

Removal worker exposure during licensed removal

Daniel Barrowcliffe discusses removal worker exposure during licensed removal.

ECHA Assessment for Asbestos: Where the risk science stands?

Andrey Korchevskiy from Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene joins us to discuss the ECHA assessment for Asbestos.

Updating Hodgson and Darnton (2000)

Robin Howie joins us again to discuss updating the Hodgson and Darnton (2000) asbestos risk model to take account of updated epidemiological data for the amphiboles and ONS' predicted life expectancies.

Opinion on scientific evaluation of occupational exposure limits

Garry Burdett joins us to discuss the ECHA-RAC's opinion on scientific evaluation of occupational exposure limits for asbestos.

ECHA opinion ramifications

ACAD's Graham Warren joins us to talk about the future, and what the ramifications may be of the ECHA opinion.

Thoughts on epidemiology underlying ECHA's Risk Assessment report

John Hodgson discusses his thoughts on epidemiology underlying ECHA's Risk Assessment report

Are all asbestos types the same?

Garry Burdett joins us with a more general discussion on asbestos types.

HSG248 overview and day one wrap up

BOHS CEO, Kevin Bampton joins us again to discuss recent developments with HSG248, then goes on to wrap up day one of the conference by recapping and thanking the speakers from earlier in the day.

Day two

The UK's shameful asbestos legacy – a clinical perspective

Liz Darlison MBE joins us to discuss asbestos-related diseases and the patients who suffer from them.

Mesothelioma – current treatment strategies

Nick Maskell, a Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Bristol joins us to discuss the current strategies for the management and treatment of Mesothelioma in the UK.

The impact of mesothelioma and healthcare needs

Angela Tod, Co-Director of Mesothelioma UK Research Center, joins us to discuss their research into the impact and healthcare needs of mesothelioma patients.

The role of expert witnesses in asbestos claims

Chartered Occupational Hygienist, Tracey Boyle joins us to discuss the role of the expert in an asbestos legal claim.

The changing face of control

Chartered Occupational Hygienist, Martin Stear joins us to discuss the changing face of asbestos control over the decades or ‘some milestones and understanding and liability’.

Claims and case law – how long have you got?

David Platt QC discusses the key issues in Asbestos claims and case law.

Qualifications update

Colette Willoughby, Principal Examiner (Asbestos) discusses recent changes to the asbestos qualifications and processes.

What LARCs need from clients

Doug Kelly from BLS Asbestos joins us to discuss considerations clients need to make when engaging a LARC and how to support health and safety on site.

Female analysts and 4 Stage Clearance Testing

Colette Willougby from Asbestos Compliance discusses the female analyst experience and the approach of 4 stage clearance testing.

General challenges to site analysts

Sara Mason from ABP Asbestos Consultants joins us to discuss the challenges analysts face when on site.

TCCT a 25 year-old 'new' technology

Dale Timmons, Technical Director with ARI Global Technologies, joins us to discuss TCCT and the global move towards asbestos waste eradication.

Net Zero Carbon in the licensed asbestos industry

ACAD's Graham Warren joins us to discuss sustainability and the environmental impact of the asbestos industry.

Closing remarks

Sam Collins, Deputy Registrar at FAAM, joins us to recap a great conference covering science, medical, legal and environmental impact of the asbestos industry and closes the conference for another year.