Asbestos Surveying and Analysis P400

P400 – Asbestos Surveying and Analysis is a foundation level course, designed as a progression route to the asbestos Proficiency qualifications for surveyors and analysts. It gives candidates an introductory level of knowledge on the health risks of asbestos fibres, and how to manage asbestos-containing materials in their work.  

The course is in line with the recommended Foundation Material in the HSE’s Appendix 9: Core competencies to be achieved in asbestos core modules in the draft version of HSG248 Asbestos: The Analysts’ Guide 2016 published for public consultation. 

Who is it for?

If you are training to become an asbestos surveyor or analyst, this course is for you.  


The level of a course or qualification indicates the relative complexity and depth of knowledge and skills required to complete the course or qualification.  

This is a Level 3 qualification in the BOHS qualifications framework. 

How is it delivered?

The P400 course runs typically over one day and includes at least five hours of teaching. The course can be delivered more flexibly, such as an evening or part-day course, but should still include five hours of education. 

Modules / Learning objectives

Overall Objective

To provide you with a basic understanding of health risks associated with exposure to asbestos fibres, and to provide an introduction to the relevant legislation and safety procedures for managing asbestos-containing materials. 


  1. Introduction  
  2. Health effects of asbestos  
  3. Use and application of asbestos products 
  4. Legislation and guidance 
  5. Personal protection and decontamination procedures 
  6. Management requirements 


You will need to pass a 30-minute multiple-choice examination within 12 months. 


BOHS provides: 

  • A comprehensive Student Manual, which covers the full range of subject areas included in the qualification 
  • A support pack for tutors

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