Associate Level

Associate Level

Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM)

What is Associate Level Membership?

This level of membership demonstrates that you have a clear understanding of the asbestos profession through a nationally recognised qualification or series of qualifications. It signifies that they are looking to show that they take the profession seriously and are committed to progression.  It also demonstrates you have relevant skills and knowledge, you are commitment towards CPD, the Code of Ethics,  your development and ensures you remain relevant and employable.

As an Associate member you'll be able to use the AFAAM post-nominal and access all the membership benefits and resources.

All Associate members are required to:

Complete CPD

Comply with our Code of Ethics


Eligibility Requirements

  • Holder of;
  • One of the Level 4 BOHS qualifications: P405, P407
  • Or three from the BOHS qualifications: P401, P402, P403, P404, P406, P408, S301, W504 


  • Post Nominal Letters – AFAAM
  • Member rates at our paid events
  • Free regional meetings on a range of topics
  • Searchable online membership directory
  • Regular E-bulletins with society and industry news
  • FAAM News and BOHS' Exposure Magazine – keeping you up to date with society activities and giving information in a less scientific way
  • Your online My BOHS account
  • Access to networks of professionals to build and exchange expertise and knowledge
  • Access to technical publications and advice


£55.00 for the year. 


You will need to renew your membership by the 31 December and each year after that.

We will send you renewal information well before the date to remind you how much is due.


  1. Log in or register for a MyBOHS account using the link below
  2. Complete the Associate membership application form
  3. Pay your membership fee

Already a Member? How do I Upgrade?

  1. Log in to your My BOHS account using the link below
  2. Once logged in click on 'Upgrade your membership' from the membership drop down menu
  3. Select the appropriate membership upgrade option and follow the application process.

BOHS Mentoring Program

Whether you are an emerging professional seeking to develop your skills in occupational hygiene, looking to graduate through the BOHS membership ranks or are a seasoned, long-standing BOHS member looking to give back to the profession, the mentoring program is available to all members. 

Discuss Your Membership Options With Us

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