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A Career in Occupational Hygiene

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Career Development Via BOHS Qualifications

BOHS actively supports career development for occupational hygienists, via a number of means:

BOHS Faculty of Occupational Hygiene

The Faculty is the only UK-based examining board for practical and professional qualifications in occupational hygiene. It sets, develops and maintains the professional standards of occupational hygienists. Holders of BOHS qualifications have proven their ability to provide sound, authoritative advice on the identification of health hazards and the adequacy of controls in the working environment.

Those who hold, or who are studying for, professional qualifications, are eligible to join the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene: membership is an excellent way of demonstrating an individual’s commitment to professional development and to the protection of worker health as their paramount responsibility. Different grades of membership reflect the different levels of professional standing, and members of the Faculty are entitled to use post-nominal letters to show their status in the profession.

How to get Chartered

BOHS’ Faculty of Occupational Hygiene provides the opportunity to become a ‘Chartered Occupational Hygienist’: BOHS is the only occupational hygiene organisation able to offer this opportunity, due to its Royal Charter status.