BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, is delighted to announce a call for nominations for the 2018 Peter Isaac Award.  This prestigious award recognises outstanding contributions to the reduction of ill health at work, and provides the recipient with over £1,000 of benefits, including subsidised attendance at a health and safety conference, and complimentary attendance at the BOHS Annual Conference and additionally –  the Conference Gala Dinner.

The Award was initiated in recognition of BOHS’ Golden Jubilee in 2003 and is named in honour of Peter Isaac, a founder and first Secretary of the Society. The Peter Isaac Award can be made to an individual, team or organisation, and honours significant achievements in the field of occupational ill health prevention, which show a real and measurable impact on improving health or reducing ill health at work.

The 2017 Peter Isaac Award was presented to Mike Slater, for his extensive work in raising awareness of occupational hygiene, and also for his outstanding leadership in the planning and delivery of BOHS’ Breathe Freely initiatives to prevent occupational lung disease. Mike was President of BOHS in 2014/5, and served on its governing Council from 2007 to 2016.  He continues to volunteer extensively for BOHS, and maintains a pivotal role in the Breathe Freely campaigns – in both Construction and Manufacturing.

Mike commented: “Occupational hygiene plays a critical role in contributing to healthier workplaces, so it’s vital to not only recognise current achievements, but also to encourage ongoing engagement and attract more hygienists to the profession.” He continued: “I’m very honoured to receive this prestigious award, and delighted that I have the ongoing opportunity to play a part in the very important work that BOHS does in continuing to raise the profile of worker health protection – and additionally the very real impact BOHS makes, particularly via the Breathe Freely campaigns in providing expertise and resources to help raise the bar of health in the construction and manufacturing industries.”

He added: “The Peter Isaac Award presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate projects and activities in occupational hygiene practice, and in particular where such achievements have had a real, measurable impact on worker health – or are linked to concrete targets.”

Opening the call for nominations, Karen Bufton, President of BOHS said, “As the pre-eminent and leading authority in its work in the field of occupational disease prevention, BOHS is immensely proud to support  ongoing activities to raise awareness of the wider subject of worker health protection. Via awards such as this, we’re delighted to formally recognise hardworking professionals, dedicated to furthering achievements in the field of worker health protection. We look forward to receiving a wide range of nominations, from specific one-off projects, to more sustained activities or processes.”

If your work, or studies, involve actively making a contribution to the reduction of ill health at work, or you know of someone who’s making a contribution, then why not submit an application for this award? In brief, submissions may be a project – either completed or work in progress – or a summary of sustained activities or processes. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Promotion of proactive good occupational hygiene/health practice
  • Sharing of successful campaigns, results and recommendations to help others
  • Evidence of providing appropriate occupational hygiene/health support or guidance to a wider audience, partners or outside organisations
  • Working programmes to rehabilitate people who have suffered ill health or disability at work

She concluded, “On behalf of BOHS, I would urge those working in the field of worker health protection to consider applying for this award. Professionals who are achieving, or are aware of, pivotal projects or achievements in occupational hygiene and worker health practice, should consider either entering themselves for the award, or nominating others.  Whether it is a team or a solo practitioner, a large or small project – if a real difference is being made to worker health protection, then we really want to hear about it.”

So, if your work or studies meet the criteria for this award, or you wish to nominate someone else, why not apply for this fantastic award? Full details of the award, eligibility criteria, and information about how to apply, can be accessed here.