Examination results

Q: I have just taken my examination. When will I receive my results?

A: As a guide you will receive your results direct from BOHS in writing within 4 working weeks.  If a paper has been marked as borderline, BOHS will automatically send it to another marker for validation. Please be aware this will add a few more days to the process.

Q: I have failed my examination by only a few marks – could it be re-checked?

A:  If your initial marking fell into a borderline range, it is automatically passed to a second marker to re-mark.  The final result is as marked/verified by the second marker, and this is shown on your results notification letter.

Q. How do I challenge or query my exam result?

A: The full process is outlined on our Enquiry about Exam Results page. Please note that a fee applies, and that you must have a valid reason to challenge an exam result (e.g. evidence of malpractice during the examination).

Q: Could BOHS provide a copy of my completed exam paper so that I can see where I lost marks?

A: In order to maintain security of our exam questions, BOHS is unable to return completed exam papers to candidates, nor able to provide detailed information about low scoring answers.  We do however, provide performance feedback within your exam result letter: we show the marks you obtained against the available marks, broken down by syllabus area.  This feedback is designed to assist you with focusing your revision if a re-sit is required.

If the above information does not answer your exam result query, please send us your query using our online Enquiry form.


Q: I have to re-sit an exam. How long do I get to retake it?

A:  All resits are required to be completed within 12 months from the date of your first attempt at the qualification.

Q: How do I re-sit an examination?

You may re-sit an examination with any training provider registered with BOHS. The re-sit can be taken on the exam day (last day) of most of the BOHS training courses. Please use our quick and easy Course search facility to find suitable course dates and locations.


Q: I have passed my practical exams and now have to submit reports to complete my qualification. Can I do this electronically?

A: Yes. BOHS accept reports in paper format or electronically (preferred).  Please go to the relevant qualification subject page under Courses and Qualifications to find out more about how to submit a report.


Q: I have lost my certificate. Can I get a replacement?

For security reasons, BOHS is unable to provide PDF copies of certificates. If you would like a replacement certificate, please complete the online form.

Q: Does the certificate have an expiry date?

No, it doesn't.  If you lose your certificate, you can apply for a new one - please see above.


Q: Do I have to refresh my examination qualification?

A: HSE guidelines recommend ongoing annual refresher training. BOHS currently offers refresher courses for P402, P404 and P405. To see which training providers are offering this course and available dates please use our quick and easy Course Search facility. Refreshers are coded as 'RP' (e.g. RP402).

Q: I live and work outside of the UK, and would like to extend my knowledge by taking a qualification. Does BOHS provide a course for people like me?

A: BOHS provides International Proficiency qualifications in asbestos, which are designed specifically for practitioners who live and work outside of the UK. Currently available qualifications (Coded IP4--) are shown on our Asbestos qualifications page.

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