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Do you have an active interest in occupational health? Do you want to play an active role in reducing ill health at work? Whichever industry you work in, join the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection and help us achieve a healthier workplace for you, your family and colleagues. 

By joining BOHS, you will be actively supporting a number of activities that aim to reduce ill health at work. You will be:

  • Funding research to improve working conditions across the world
  • Supporting initiatives to tackle employment-related health problems, such as the UK Hearing Conservation Association and the Breathe Freely campaign
  • Providing education to those working to prevent impairment as a result of work-related ill-health
  • Aiding your career progression by having access to a range of occupational health-related resources, events and specialists.

Why join

Occupational health plays a vital role in all workplaces and professions, making it a priority for all businesses and industry experts. By joining BOHS, you’re guaranteed support from a Chartered Society of professionals who can deliver all-around knowledge you won’t find elsewhere.

Our individual membership gives you access to a host of exclusive features and benefits. Not only will you gain key industry insights not available anywhere else, but you’ll be part of a passionate and committed community that is dedicated to raising standards in worker health protection. These benefits include:

  • Professional networking connections
  • Access to academic resources
  • Opportunities to get involved and improve career progression

With our already-established dialogue with health and safety professionals through the Breathe Freely campaign and other schemes, we are ideally placed to offer networking with relevant industry groups and organisations that can support you.

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*The discounted rate is available for new Individual Membership applications from the period of 1 July 2019 to 31 December 2019. For full membership terms and conditions, please click here