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Membership of BOHS is open to anyone with an interest in a healthier work environment.  

We are one of the biggest occupational hygiene societies in the world providing an unrivalled source of information, expertise and education. Join our growing community today for the opportunity to widen your knowledge, improve skills and demonstrate professional competence.

BOHS brings together a wide range of professionals from 57 countries worldwide. There is no minimum qualification needed which explains our refreshingly diverse membership profile.  Our members aren’t just occupational hygienists; we also have, for example, occupational physicians, occupational health nurses, health and safety advisors, environmental scientists, epidemiologists, toxicologists, ergonomists, acousticians, physicists, chemists, biologists, psychologists and engineers.
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Our extensive list of benefits ensure that all of our members get great value from their membership.   
Promote BOHS to your friends & colleagues; recruit a member, and receive a £10 Amazon voucher for each and every new member recruited. As an existing member, you will already appreciate the purpose and value of  occupational hygiene and its crucial role in the protection of worker health.
Help us to broaden this awareness and grow the occupational hygiene community by bringing in others with an interest in protecting worker health.
Recruiting a new member is simple; just follow these 3 easy steps!
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Already a member?  

Log into the site to access your Dashboard.  This is your own area of the BOHS site and allows you to update your profile, submit CPD (if a Faculty Member), select your own personal preferences from all the Regions and Groups of BOHS, view job vacancies and much more.

You can also access more information about membership from our Membership Guide and also from our leaflet Your Professional Progression in Occupational Hygiene.

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