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Thermal environment and clothing science

BOHS has a long and distinguished tradition of providing advice on the assessment and control of thermal conditions in the workplace. Thomas Bedford, our founding President, pioneered methods for measuring thermal stress and comfort in factories, mines and warships and wrote in 1948 what was to become a standard text in the field, Basic Principles of Ventilation and Heating. More recently, the Society has published Technical Guide No12, The Thermal Environment, 2nd edition. 

The topic of thermal environment has recently been given renewed impetus by public debate concerning maximum temperatures in workplaces and the predicted effects of climate change and energy efficiency proposals on thermal conditions in workplaces, homes and public buildings. In addition, there has been considerable development of international standards on thermal environment and these have important implications for the practice of occupational hygiene.

As a further means of developing this important topic, BOHS has established this Technical Topic Group on Thermal Environment and Clothing Science. The group is led by Len Morris of the HSE and shortly will be creating a forum in which researchers, health and safety practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers can network and discuss technical issues.

For details of future meeting and events on this Topic please visit the events area of the website or if you would like to get involved with this Group or have any ideas for future meetings or initiatives please contact Head Office.

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