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How to Find an Occupational Hygienist

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the directory

BOHS publishes the Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services,the UK’s only register of qualified occupational hygienists. Using companies in this Directory offers the benefits of:

  • Qualified and experienced occupational hygienists
  • Specialist occupational hygiene support services
  • UK-wide coverage
  • The security of knowing these companies provide consultants who are qualified members of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene

Although membership of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene cannot be taken as an endorsement of an individual by BOHS, it does provide the confidence of knowing that entry into the Faculty is via professional examinations which, even at the lowest grade, demonstrate a minimum of three years’ practical experience in the comprehensive practice of occupational hygiene.

Why use a professional occupational hygienist?

Employers are required by law to appoint “competent persons” to assist them in complying with their statutory duties in health and safety.

Where specialist expertise is not available within an organisation, employers often contract occupational hygiene support services from external consultants.

Professional occupational hygienists:

  • Are trained, experienced and competent in their field
  • Use science and engineering to control risks to health, by designing out hazards and applying engineering controls to reduce exposures to a minimum
  • Can offer objective, technically valid and impartial advice
  • Are bound by the Faculty’s Code of Ethics, and are subject to the highest standards of technical and professional integrity
  • Are required to participate in CPD schemes to maintain their current levels of knowledge

How to select an occupational hygienist

In selecting an occupational hygienist, and before entering into any contract for services, employers may wish to consider:

  • Personal recommendations from colleagues
  • The experience of the service provider
  • The availability of the provider
  • Exactly which individual hygienist will be responsible for managing the contract
  • The resources (including back-up capacity) available to the provider
  • The cost of the services, including a detailed quotation specifying the project objectives; timescales; deliverables; and cost

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